Laporta: “Messi’s new contract is going well, but it is not done yet”

Laporta: "Messi's new contract is going well, but it is not done yet"

The president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, affirmed that the new contract of the Barcelona star, the Argentine Lionel Messi, “is going well, but it is not done yet”, and he was “moderately optimistic” about the continuity of Rosario’s crack.

“We have made him an offer within the means of the club. Surely Leo deserves much more and can achieve much more, but because of his desire to make Barça great, I am convinced that he is greatly appreciating the effort we are making. I think he is very excited to continue and is very excited about the project, “Laporta explained.

The continuity of Messi was one of the many issues that the maximum president of the Barça entity dealt with in a long press conference that he gave in the 1899 Auditorium of the Camp Nou to review the current situation of the Catalan club.

On the number ’10’, Laporta insisted that he is putting “a lot of his part” to continue, but that “you have to keep working” to convince him completely.

“The first thing Leo asks for is affection, affection, esteem. Feel comfortable, be at ease, smile again and have a good time. And to have fun, he has to win and see that he can win. And that is the only thing that he has in mind. a process of reflection, “he argued.

In any case, Joan Laporta understands that “the perception” of the player has changed since he was in command: “Before there was a president who was disappointed, and now he has one who really wants him to continue at Barça, and also to tell him I show him. “

For Laporta, the key for Messi to continue is to return the ambition that he believes was lost under Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“See that there is conformity, it is Leo’s turn, because he gives everything. Leo wants Barça to think big. When we talk about a competitive team, we talk about him wanting proven experience, proven success. Another motivation, another demand. And with me as president and this board of directors has it, “concluded Laporta about the Argentine star.

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