Milton Casco, in FOOTBALL 12: “The best team in Argentina is still River Plate, I have no doubts”

Milton Casco, in FOOTBALL 12: "The best team in Argentina is still River Plate, I have no doubts"

Milton Casco assured that River Plate is the best team in Argentina, despite the fact that it has not been consecrated in the last championships. Furthermore, in dialogue with Mariano Closs and his companions FOOTBALL 12, admitted the “fatigue” they felt against Santa Fe and Fluminense for CONMEBOL Libertadores and slipped that with the headlines “it would have been different” against Boca Juniors.

“I have no doubt that the best team in Argentina is still River Plate. I really like the idea with which we approach each game ”, stated the side, who argued: “Our idea is always the same regardless of the names that come out on the field and with whatever rival”.

In addition to praising Marcelo Gallardo and describing him as a “technician who demands all the time”, the leading scoreboard made it clear that the objectives set in the semester were met despite having been eliminated in the quarterfinals of the League Cup Professional: “I don’t know if with the headlines it would have been different against Boca but we would have been predisposed differently”.

Regarding the match against Santa Fe, Casco commented: “It was a very hard week because of what happened to us with the covid-19. The effort we made gave us the classification to the eighth. We were lucky that the goals came quickly and we were able to settle in well and hold him, despite the fatigue. In those moments you get desire from all sides ”.

How did you feel when you saw Enzo Pérez in the goal? “It was very rare to see him there but when the game started we put it aside and concentrated on looking for the opponent. If it was my turn to go? I played … the truth was I never stopped, but I would have banked it “, he expressed.

And what happened to Fluminense? “Many of the boys felt they had covid-19”, analyzed the ex – Newell’s and Gymnastics.

Among other things, Casco gave some definitions about two of his companions. He considers Jorge Carrascal a “great player, with extraordinary qualities”, while Julián Álvarez is seen as a remarkable scorer, who moves all over the attacking front.

Finally, he acknowledged that the competition with the position with Fabrizio Angileri lives in a very good way. “Today is his turn and he deserves it well,” he said.

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