This is how Ryan Garcia taught Logan Paul “how to knock out Mayweather”

Asi fue como Ryan García le enseñó a Logan Paul cómo noquear a Mayweather

The professional boxer Ryan Garcia is on the YouTuber’s side Logan paul, in his confrontation against Floyd mayweather next June 6 in Miami.

Garcia is one of the best prospects in boxing and a close friend of Logan And his brother Jake, with which he has trained on several occasions.

In the video titled “I taught Logan paul how to knock out Floyd mayweather“, Uploaded to the channel Youtube from Ryan Garcia, has been viewed by more than three million people.

“I must tell you that this man is going to defeat Floyd mayweather, he will be the first to do that, “he said. Ryan in the video.

The social media influencer will be looking to accomplish the feat and beat Money in this exhibition fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

In the video, you can see Garcia moving with Paul in a ring and advising the YouTube star on how to fend off a smaller, faster fighter.

“You should think ‘I’m not going to give ground no matter what happens,'” he instructs Ryan Garcia to Logan paul. “Being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is what you need to work on, because he will try to make you feel uncomfortable.”

In the clip you see how Ryan try to imitate the movements of Floyd mayweather, and teaches Logan paul how to neutralize them and respond.

Mayweather has no strategy against Logan Paul and Ryan Garcia’s advice

Floyd mayweather He assured that he is not having any special training, much less a strategy to face the youtuber.

“I have no strategy. I just have to show up there. If I want us to go to a round, it will go to a round. If I want to go to two, we will go to two. It all depends on me ”; commented for Barstool Sports.

It should be remembered that Money has not had activity in the ring since he beat Tenshin Nasukawa on Japan.

Logan paul He is 0-1 as a professional boxer and has not donned gloves since losing to KSI by decision.

Logan Paul had help from Ryan Garcia to face Mayweather.

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