After removing belt in January, WBA is considering reinstating Manny Pacquiao as super champion

Tras retirarle cinturón en enero, AMB analiza reinstalar a Manny Pacquiao como súper campeón

Gilberto mendoza, president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), accepted that they are considering reinstalling Manny pacquiao as reigning super welterweight champion in his body.

Last January 30, the AMB He retired the world super welterweight belt from Manny pacquiao and promoted to Yordenis ugas as the new monarch, arguing that the Filipino accumulated 18 months without defense of the title and had no plans to put it into play in the following months. The Filipino was named by the WBA as champion in recess. Now the situation seems to have changed.

“Initially, the plan was that (Yordenis) Ugas will fight with Pacquiao“, He said Gilberto mendoza in interview for ThaBoxingVoice. “But now, the fight (of Pacquiao) with Spence“.

Mendoza ensures that the team Manny pacquiao contacted the agency and requested that the Filipino be reinstated as the reigning super champion.

Sean Gibbons, which represents Manny, wrote us a letter asking to be reinstated ”, he explained Mendoza. “We are working on that. There is a great possibility. It has to be approved by a championship committee and voted on before being taken to the president. “

On July 20, 2019, Manny pacquiao dethroned Keith thurman super belt AMB at 147 pounds by winning a split decision. But since then Pacquiao he doesn’t fight, and he never defended the title.

What does the WBA regulation say about the Manny Pacquiao case?

The regulation of the AMB establishes that when a champion is named in recess, an interim title is opened. However, in this case, Pacquiao the super belt was removed and given to Yordenis ugas, who was already a regular champion.

The same regulation also establishes mechanisms for the return of the champion in recess.

“When the Champion in Recess returns after overcoming, to the satisfaction of the Director of the Committee, any obstacles that have caused his inactivity, the Association may order a title match between the Champion in Recess and the Interim Champion, if there is one, or before any another challenger appointed by the Committee ”, says the regulations of the AMB. “If the Champion in Recess returns from a medical condition, the Committee Director may consult with the Director of the Medical Committee and may require documentation from the boxer and perform an examination before he is allowed to return. A Champion in Recess cannot defend his title as Champion in Recess, and may lose his status if he fights any other boxer than the Interim Champion.

However, there is no interim champion. In the AMB there is the current super champion, Yordenis ugas, and the champion in recess, Manny pacquiao. But there would be no fight between them, but if this measure were approved, he would be withdrawn Ugas super champion status. The title of super champion would be returned to Pacquiao for your fight with Errol spence.

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