Bomb! Max Holloway already has a rival and date for his next UFC war

Max Holloway.

Max holloway, former champion and legendary fighter of UFC, return to the Octagon in no time. The aforementioned disfigured Calvin Kattar in the first event of 2021 and will return in July of this year. After the battle, which took place on January 16, “Blessed” made it clear that he has not lost the clarity and forcefulness of his blows, so he is looking to reach the title in a few months.

Being so, UFC confirmed hours ago that Max holloway will have to be measured with Yair Rodriguez, a very tough and difficult opponent to face. Everything will take place on July 17, being the stellar event of that evening. The place where it will be played is not yet confirmed, but it is known that this contest will leave much to talk about at 145 pounds. Without a doubt, “Blessed” goes for everything.

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Is confident

Weeks ago, Holloway He stated, “You see and hear a lot of things. I heard a lot of people excluding me from the fight, people saying it was over, this and that. It didn’t bother me. I know where my focus is, I know what I did, I know how to work, the sacrifices I had to make. The only people I had to show what I did were the people who sacrificed for me: my team, my family, my fiancé, my son, my coaches.

“In a perfect world, if I had to make my plan for this year, I would like to fight during the summer and then maybe try to have a fight in December. I want to fight three times this year, maybe go into the summer, July hopefully, and then get on another card with UFC so we can see what happens. That’s just what I want to do in a perfect world, fight in July, fight in December, “he added to his words.

On the other hand, to ESPN, Max holloway He told him: «I’m going to behave like a champion’s belt or without a belt. We are going out to fight. I love fighting. I love fighting. People say it’s hard to get up. I’m still fighting five five-minute rounds. Still championship rounds. We are on ABC. I know a lot of pay-per-view fighters who would kill to be in this position, so at the end of the day, it still feels the same. A fight is a fight for me.

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