Broken relationship: Aaron Rodgers turned down an incredible offer from Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

The situation of Aaron Rodgers is morphing into the great offseason novel of the NFL. The marshal seems to have decided his departure from Green bay packers, and speculations about its future do not stop arising. Now it has been revealed that the franchise tried to smooth things over with a financial offer, which was rejected.

The North American press uncovered days ago that the differences between Aaron Rodgers and the leadership of Green bay packers They’ve reached their limits, and the 37-year-old quarterback has decided to switch teams for the first time in his long career. The statements from the franchise leaders of Wisconsin have hinted some concern in the environment of the team.

Fantasy or reality? The Patriots’ possible offer for Aaron Rodgers

Packers Offer

As reported by The Athletic newspaper, Green bay packers He has tried to solve the matter with a cheap offer, but not just any one. The source assures that the franchise has offered him to be the highest paid quarterback in the entire NFL. However, the offer would have been immediately rejected by the champion of Super Bowl XLV (2011).

Although the exact figure was not disclosed, the salary of Patrick Mahomes serves as a reference. The Kansas City Chiefs QB is currently the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, with an annual salary of $ 45 million. This would be a significant increase, since the current contract of the Packers with their leader it is for 33.5 million per season.

Aaron Rodgers taunts

As reported by this same newspaper, Aaron Rodgers he has even mocked the current leaders of Green Bay. They assure that, in group chats, the veteran has come to compare the general manager, Brian Gutekunst with Jerry Krause, responsible for arming and disintegrating the legendary Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson (NBA).

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