Cavani and the dispute of the Copa América: “The players have neither voice nor vote, we have no weight in certain things”

Cavani and the dispute of the Copa América: "The players have neither voice nor vote, we have no weight in certain things"

Edinson cavani He arrived in Uruguay this Saturday and at a press conference ratified his position regarding the dispute of the next America Cup. The forward also talked about his absence due to suspension in the next matches of the Playoffs and the final lost in the Europa League with the Manchester United.

The forward confessed that he was very happy to be in his country after several months and said he was very sad for not being able to be in the matches against Paraguay and Venezuela for the CONMEBOL qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022: “Not playing always leaves you bad, not being able to be there and accompany in these difficult games for the World Cup are things that honestly hurt you“, Held.

“They hurt you because of the circumstances, because of how things happened, because of that famous VAR that I have to miss these games. At one point they wanted to give me five dates and I had to settle for two, it leaves me a bit sad but they are things that we have to face and look at what is coming, “said Cavani.

The footballer also said that “it is difficult to be part of a group and not be able to be on the court“, he affirmed that from the outside he sees the games with nervousness and anxiety, and stressed that after these two games the Copa América will begin,” the most important objective we have. “

Regarding the Copa América, Cavani confirmed his position against the contest in the context of the pandemic that is being experienced worldwide: “I said it, I think I’m not the only one, (Matías) Suárez de River also commented on his thought. As I said at the time, footballers have neither voice nor vote, we have no weight in certain things”.

“Many times you don’t see it, but footballers are the ones who have to go and put our faces to try to bring joy to people who are locked up and who are about caring. There are a lot of activities that are not working and we are there ”, he assured.

Cavani added about this situation: “Sometimes other things that are important should also be put forward, let’s not forget that it is a pandemic and everything is a chain, it begins with a small thing and ends in serious things. That will continue to be my thought. Here I am also to put my chest as we are doing all footballers, and other people who go to work out of necessity and commitment. Here we are”.

Cavani also pointed out the reasons that led him to renew with Manchester United, explaining that he had an automatic renewal clause available if he wanted to continue at the English club.

“Seeing what is happening with the pandemic, being away from family, losing many things, not being able to receive your people away, begins to make everything heavier. So at one point I did manage the chance of wanting to get closer to my people, to come, that’s why Boca’s chance appeared, which was real, of course there were conversations, but always within everything normal, ”described the forward.

The footballer explained: “I tried to be calm, and I thought about not wanting to ‘go through Manchester’ and leave it just as a step; I sincerely touched that self-love, that pride and I said ‘I want to continue one more year, try one more year to make the beautiful sacrifice of continuing there in these situations, and looking for certain goals’, I am motivated and I want to be able to achieve them in Manchester”.

“I also want to return the affection that that club gave me in these months, that was what determined my renewal. And the coach, the teammates, things that have happened to me in that period that led me to say ‘we have to go on for another year,’ ”Cavani emphasized.

Asked if continuing in the Premier League is a favorable factor thinking about being present at the Qatar World Cup in case his team qualifies, the Uruguayan commented: “Without underestimating or anything like that, all footballers would like to be competing at the high level, in Europe, that always brings you closer to a national team, continuing to compete at that level is normal that it gives you continuity in many aspects and senses that also prepare you to face what could be a new qualification for the World Cup ” .

The Uruguayan talked about the UEFA Europa League final that Manchester United lost to Villarreal on penalties: “Nobody likes to lose, and nobody likes to lose in instances like these; As an athlete, losing a final hurts a lot because it is crowning a year’s work, “he said.

“But at the end of everything I think you have to give up the maximum and not blame yourself for anything; and well, chew bitterness and anger but congratulate the champion because they have achieved it for something, “said the forward.

Cavani was highlighted by his applause for the Spanish team at the awards ceremony and the fact that he kept his vice-champion medal hanging; the forward commented: “I would have loved to bring the cup with more joy and more pride; but if that is what I have to take, I congratulate the contrary and I also take it with pride because behind that medal there is a lot of work, many moments of emotion that one must live in the season”.

“In life you don’t always win, you always want to win but you don’t always win. You have to accept certain things, chew anger, turn the page and continue, “he said.

Finally, the forward spoke about “the last dance” of Maestro Tabárez at the head of the Uruguayan National Team, which also coincides with the last years of several Celeste players (Diego Godín, Martín Cáceres, Luis Suárez, Cavani).

Regarding how he feels at 34 years old and after having already played 118 games with his country’s senior team, Cavani pointed out: “There are many different sensations, I am not going to lie and it is clear that over the years travel They start to get heavier, it is no longer the same as with 20 years where you arrive and play, and nothing happens; it begins to become more difficult, it costs, but all that is covered by having in mind the idea of ​​arriving, joining and being with my colleagues, and living that environment that is the most beautiful that we have to live in our careers ”.

El Matador stated: “At times it is difficult for us after so many years but that joy of knowing that we have arrived and we are going to enjoy with our colleagues always returns, and enjoy this last process that will surely also be the last page of what we it may be our history with the national team ”.

“We enjoy it because there are many of us who were in this whole process of the Master, and culminating it in a good way, after so many years and also with the coach and others, would be like closing the cover of a book with an expected ending for all” , concluded the forward.

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