Decided! Julian Edelman was clear about the rumors of his arrival to the Buccaneers

Julian Edelman

The withdrawal of Julian Edelman, star of New England Patriots, has been involved in an immense wave of rumors for a possible immediate return to sign for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now late in the offseason of the NFL, the wide receiver himself has come out to close any possibility of pausing his withdrawal.

Rumors surrounding the signing of Julian Edelman for Tampa Bay Buccaneers they were really strong. The receiver’s premature retirement was reminiscent of the decision made by Rob Gronkowski a couple of years earlier. The tight end ended up being seduced by Tom Brady to get to the ‘Bucs’, and it seemed the same was going to happen with ‘Minitron’.

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The speculations were prompted even by former Patriots that make life in the Buccaneers, Brady and Gronkowski, who have a great friendship with No. 11. “He’s just so scared to tell Bill Belichick he’s coming to Tampa,” said the quarterback about the retirement of Edelman. “There is a 69 percent chance,” said ‘Gronk’.

Clarification of Julian Edelman

My knees are collapsing, I’m not going to sit here, you know… I got everything I wanted. I have three rings, I played for a magical dynasty, with an incredible franchise coach, the best quarterback of all time. I’m not a greedy guy. I played to win, I played to compete, I don’t need to prove anything else. I am satisfied with what I did. I left everything there on the field, “said the wide receiver on Michael Irvin’s podcast.

Likewise, the now former player of the NFL clarified that, in case his return to the grids were considered, he would not play in a place other than Foxborough, thus swearing eternal love to New England Patriots. “I am a player of a single team” he sentenced Julian Edelman, ending all speculation regarding its future.

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