Giant! The magnificent battle Rob Font has in mind for his next step in the UFC

Rob Font.

After an extraordinary presentation at the UFC Vegas 27, Rob font begins to look forward. The talented MMA fighter does not despair, fully understanding that the latest victory against Cody Garbrandt leaves him very well positioned to go for the title soon. That way, you know what is at stake, seeing that to achieve it you have to continue with the same patience.

At the beginning, Font He emphasized: «In the best of cases? They give me to Petr Yan right now and we get it going. Maybe he will do it for an interim belt, but I doubt that will happen. We’ll see what happens, but give me Petr Yan. He is the only one available, the fans want to see exciting fights and I know this is an exciting fight and then I will take care of the belt for him. I know”.

How not to be? Rob Font, proud of the victory against Cody Garbrandt

Sit down, don’t worry about the belt, I’ll take it for you. Or the loser, the winner, whoever, of the Cory Sandhagen-TJ Dillashaw fight. However, I definitely don’t want to wait that long. But you never know what happens if someone gets hurt, is injured, that’s another waiting list they could be on, “he also stated, making it clear that he seeks to return to the cage as soon as possible.

Continues to grow

Parallel, Rob He also indicated that he has no problem waiting as long as his next step is a big one. Realistically, I know I don’t want to fight backwards. I will be patient. I’ve been sitting for a year and I know what it feels like. There is no need to fight with anyone who is behind me at the moment, “was what he replied, noting that he only looks towards the first three positions.

“If you want to throw it away, we can jump in and mix it up if you don’t want to wait that long. I’m in a weird place and it’s just big fights after this, so my job is to lick my wounds, go back to the gym, and get ready because it’s going to be TJ, Cory, Petr Yan, or the champion and all those, of those fights, are difficult “, concluded Rob font. Without a doubt, his present is excellent and he is close to a title shot.

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