He didn’t hold back: Chael Sonnen ridiculed Jon Jones for his UFC present

Chael Sonnen.

Taking into account the lack of activity of Jon jones, Chael sonnen nothing was saved and ridiculed. The former champion of UFC He hasn’t fought in a long time, which has caused massive criticism on social media. Knowing that he remains the best pound-for-pound in the world, many understand that it makes no sense that he continues in that place. For this reason, the retired man published a video on his YouTube channel.

Starting, Sonnen He commented, ‘Jon, I’m a troll. This is what a troll does. A troll approaches you via the Internet from various protected states in the hope of eliciting an emotional reaction from you. And he gave it to me! So aim, Chael. I couldn’t have been more successful, but I exceeded my own expectations, I must tell you. Jon He was very angry. The fight moves very fast.

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And Jon is one of the best, hands down. Also in terms of name, one of the best. A year ago you did not know what a Khamzat Chimaev was. You didn’t know what it was. Now, I offer you that because those same guys are at heavyweight, they just haven’t been identified. In fact, there are six, seven or eight of those guys who haven’t had that defining moment yet, “he said.

Intimidated him

Similarly, Chael He also recounted: “When six, seven or eight guys within a division do it, no one will come to Jon Jones. This iron is hot right now and it’s on a really short list of Stipe Miocics, Francis Ngannous, Derrick Lewises, and then of course you have Jon Jones. They have 25 more boys who woke up at five in the morning this morning with those same dreams to get their miles.

“You have to win the fights that you can win when you can win them, you have to get the fights that you can get when you can get them, and this is a part of reality that he has disassociated himself with. I can’t remember the last time you fought Jon jones. It was against Dominick Reyes but was that a year ago? It was two years ago? I think you understand my point: I have seen all the programs there are, “he said. Chael sonnen.

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