Hero! Former NFL player saved life in accident


Brandon bair, former player of the NFL, has returned to the news several years after his disappearance from public light for a heroic action. The former defensive end of the American football league managed to rescue a person from what seemed like certain death in a traffic accident. The former player managed to pull a man out of a van just before it exploded.

Brandon bair

East Idaho News revealed that Brandon bair, who had a short and lucid passage through the NFL On teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders, he saved the life of a man identified as Steven Jenson. The vehicle had been hit by a train, and the former defensive end rushed to the driver’s rescue just before the fire reached the fuel tank.

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“It was a conscious decision to get in there, because I needed immediate help. I ran to the window and saw the flames all around and inside the truck. I could see the guy with the seatbelt on, and I was able to get my arm in and unbuckle it. He was talking, and he told him that we needed to get him out of there now »he recounted Bair to the aforementioned medium.

The former football player stressed that the truck exploded moments after removing the driver. “We walked away, and a few seconds later, the fire on the roof caused it to collapse and the whole seat, the whole cabin was engulfed in flames. A few minutes later, there were a couple of big ‘booms’ and explosions.

NFL journey

Brandon bair is one of the many cases of players who, after a few campaigns, fail to consolidate in the NFL and disappear. The defensive end was drafted and cut by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011, then signed by the Oakland Raiders, where he did not play a single game. It was in 2014 that the Philadelphia Eagles gave him the opportunity. The player spent 2 seasons in the franchise, playing 21 games. After this, he officially retired.

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