Imminent: Aaron Rodgers to leave Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

The disagreement of Aaron Rodgers with the decisions of the leadership of Green bay packers in recent campaigns it has been the center of attention in the NFL in the last few weeks. Everything indicates that the tension between the parties is real, and the American press has assumed that the quarterback will not step on the grid again with the uniform of the Wisconsin franchise.

Chaos in the NFL

The NFL is experiencing a true revolution when it comes to quarterbacks. It is becoming increasingly clear that the players themselves are determined to take charge of their careers, and there are many quarterbacks who can change their scene in this Free Agency. The most emblematic case is clearly that of the great Aaron Rodgers.

Broken relationship: Aaron Rodgers turned down an incredible offer from Green Bay Packers

Following the disastrous divorce between Deandre Hopkins and Houston Texans, we are witnessing similar situations with Russell Wilson in the Seattle Seahawks and Rodgers in the Packers. To this is added the imminent departure of Deshaun Watson from the Texans, although this is driven by his legal situation by allegations of sexual abuse.

The specific case of the Green Bay QB dates back to just under a year. The trigger for the star’s annoyance was the decision of the leadership to transfer the receiver, Jake Kumerow, a fundamental piece for the attack led by Rodgers. Added to this was first-round draft pick Jordan Love, being the first quarterback selected in the first round since he led the team’s attack.

End of cycle

After weeks of rumors, ESPN insiders take for granted that the days of Aaron Rodgers with Green bay packers are numbered. In this way, he puts an end to 15 years of glorious career, going from being the substitute of the great Brett Favre to leading the team’s offense in Super Bowl XLV. It is now unknown if the 37-year-old veteran plans to continue his career in the NFL, as various teams have appeared among the rumors.

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