It’s the goal: Carla Esparza trusts that Dana White will give her the title fight

Carla Esparza.

Of course Carla esparza keep making big history in UFC, so he is excited about the chance for the title. After beating Yan Xiaonan at UFC Vegas 27, surely what is coming for her is the fight for the belt. Rose namajunas is the one who waits for her, if Dana White matches them in no time. Therefore, in an interview with MMA Fighting, the aforementioned was forceful.

Being that way, Scatter He stated: “I felt like I really needed to make a statement and the stakes were high in this fight. I felt like I needed to make a statement to solidify my place for a possible title fight. He hoped she would control the distance a little more. In her fight with Claudia Gadelha, it seemed that every time Claudia came in or someone went on strike with her, she would come out.

With everything! Carla Esparza, confident of taking the UFC title from Rose Namajunas

“Inside and outside, inside and outside, everything was in its moment. Better distance management was expected with her. She came in with the elbows that I’ve seen her toss from the bottom, but I felt like we planned the game and really thought about how to deal with it all. He did exactly what he thought he was going to do and we had an answer for everything. I was really thinking that I was going to reach the end in the first round, but I will take it in the second, “said the fighter.

Want the crown

In addition, Carla She commented, “I felt so safe. After she initially resisted and tried to go crazy, I felt like she was calming down and it was really wearing her down. He had no answer, he was getting tired. I feel safe. It’s the only fight that makes sense. Come on, Dana. She wants the fight too. He loves the rematches he lost. I feel commanding performance over the No. 3 fighter in the division. “

“I think that for me and my opinion, that should definitely be my title fight. I think that makes sense. It’s the fight fans want to see. It’s an intriguing showdown with an intriguing story. I think my wrestling and my jiu-jitsu and everything, I’m sharper in all aspects as well. With a fighter who is as dangerous as Rose, a knockout is always on the table at any point in any fight. I think it is an intriguing confrontation, “he concluded. Carla esparza.

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