Jean Pascal tests positive for doping and will not be a rival of Badou Jack

Jean Pascal y Badou Jack

Jean pascal tested positive for multiple steroids and was removed from his bout with Badou jack scheduled for June 6, in the function headed by Floyd mayweather Y Logan Paul.

“I am shocked and ashamed,” the Haitian boxer said in a statement. “I would never voluntarily take prohibited substances. I have always fought for clean sport and will continue to do so. I am one of the modern fighters to insist on random anti-doping and have been through several tests during my 13 years at the highest level of boxing. “

In accordance with Yahoo Sports, the substances for which he tested positive were drostalone, drostalone metabolite, and epitrenolone.

Pascal He assured that he fired his fitness coach and that he will seek to clear his name.

“I want to assure all my fans that this is an isolated incident and I will do whatever it takes to prove it,” he said. “My strength and conditioning coach was fired last night. I know that no matter what I say, this is a stain on my name and I am determined to fix it. “

Jean pascalThe 38-year-old is 35-6-1 with 20 victories via chloroform.

“If that means I have to get randomized tests for VADA 365 days for all boxers, then I’ll do it, “he concluded. Pascal.

Badou’s answer

In December 2019, Jean pascal Y Badou jack fought in semi heavy combat in Atlanta Georgia. The result was in favor of the Haitian by cards of 114-112, 114-112 and 112-114.

“My fight with Pascal it will not be done because he tested positive for three different steroids, “he wrote Badou. “We suspected it was dirty the first time and the VADA confirmed it this time. I will fight on June 6 and my team is looking for a replacement. “

“By the way, this is not the first time that has happened to me,” he added. Jack. “Lucian bute took steroids for our fight and now Jean pascal. Are they so afraid to fight me that they all need to take steroids?

“I can’t even mention the steroids he took: drostalone, drostalone metabolite, and epitrenolone,” he added.

Badou jack, 37, has a 23-3-3 record and in November 2020 he defeated Blake mckernan by unanimous decision.

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