Lando Norris got tired and fired at social networks: “They are disgusting”

Lando Norris

Lando norris He is one of the most charismatic riders and with the most followers of the paddock of the Formula 1. The Briton does not have titles or victories, but in a few years he forged a large number of fans based on talent and good treatment. In the last hours, Norris fired with very thick ammunition into the environment and everything that social networks mean: “They are disgusting”, he assured.

It is striking that a 21-year-old pilot like Norris does not agree with the use of social networks. Especially considering that Norris garnered a huge following for his charisma and his broadcasts on Twitch. There he passed the walls of Formula 1, and like figures like the ‘Kun Aguero or ‘Chicharito HernandezThey usually have a good audience.

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Social media

“I still enjoy what I do, I laugh a lot and have a good time with my team, but I also focus a lot on the work itself. I’m still that guy, it’s more about showing the other side, working hard, putting a lot of time and effort into things to get the results I’ve had this season. That’s why I got rid of social networks », confessed the one from McLaren.

In their social networks (Twitter and Instagram), Norris has more than 4 million followers, a number that any athlete envies. However, this Wednesday, the Briton confirmed that he does not use any social network, since one of his friends fulfills the role of ‘Community manager’ and manages their profiles.

I’m still on social media, but I never look at it. My profile is there, but I have a buddy who works for me and writes as if he were me. I’m far from all that, it’s disgusting, “added Norris. Last weekend, Norris finished in third place at the Monaco Grand Prix, adding his third podium in Formula 1.

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