Mexico has a new champion: Esteban Bermúdez dethroned Carlos Cañizales from WBA light fly scepter

México tiene nuevo campeón: Esteban Bermúdez destronó a Carlos Cañizales de cetro minimosca AMB

The Mexican Esteban Bermúdez gave the big surprise by explosively knocking out the light fly champion of the AMB in its regular version, the Venezuelan Carlos Canizales at the Vienna Forum in Mexico City.

At 25 years old, and with a record of 14 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, Bermudez He had only done one 10-round fight. The one from Neza had worked in anything, except boxing during the pandemic, but the opportunity to go for a world title arose and he did not miss it.

The Venezuelan Cañizales, who had an undefeated record of 22 wins, no losses and a draw, made the third exhibition of the title that he had won by unanimous decision Reiya Konishi in Japan in March 2018. Cañizales he made the first defense in Malaysia, and the second in China. The Venezuelan was an itinerant champion without fear of fighting in the rival’s house, and so he traveled to Mexico to face the local challenger, Esteban Bermúdez.

Bermudez He was clearly losing the fight, according to the three official judges’ cards up to that point.

However, in the sixth round he asserted his punch and explosively on the champion Cañizales.

A right hand overhang of Bermudez, hurt the Venezuelan, and then the shot, also from the right hand, entered very violently on a Cañizales helpless. The champion went to the canvas, and Bermudez the fight was beginning to incline.

As soon as the fighting resumed, Bermudez It was for the title. The first blow was a right wing that entered dry, violent to the face of Cañizales and fell badly. The referee immediately stopped the fight.

Until before the fight, Esteban Bermúdez he was ranked 10th on the WBA listings in the light fly division.

Now, after the surprise, Bermudez is the new light flyweight world champion AMB, in its regular mode. The super champion of the AMB in the category is Japanese Hiroto kyoguchi.

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