No Jon Jones until 2022? The former champion left a controversial message on social networks

Jon Jones.

Jon jones, former champion of UFC and legend of Mixed Martial Arts, was controversial in these hours. The American went to social networks to leave strong words, where he made it clear that he has no problem waiting until 2022 to fight again in the company. In that way, fans went berserk, considering they want to see it in action ASAP.

Being that way, the first message of Jones on the social network he said the following: «Honestly, I feel that the only people who benefit, me jumping early are the other heavyweights. The way I’m training, I’m going to be a real problem next year. I feel comfortable enough to wait and that is exactly what I will do.

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Yes, I have a feeling that you will still be around. The sport should be bigger than ever by then. Always looking on the bright side. Man, I’m telling you, I’ve always been the skinny guy in my family. Becoming a proper heavyweight is much more difficult than you had anticipated. I want to do it right the first time, “he also added in his posts.

A few days ago, via Twitter, Jon told Ngannou, “Honestly, I really respect you and your story. I really don’t feel the need to crush you in a verbal battle to do what I’ve done to everyone since 2011. I’m just telling you now. If you want to start this chat online, be sure to keep up to date. Most people who talk shit to me shut up after a while. Everyone will be the first to crush Jon jones, very popular topic ».

Has a lot of support

Weeks ago, Cormier explained: «Jon jones you deserve your money. He’s done tremendous things in this sport, but is Jon Jones going to have such a large number that it’s unrealistic? That’s the question, because I know they are going to pay you. I think it deserves a large number. Yes Conor McGregor – and I don’t know what Conor makes, but I heard that Conor makes like 15 million for showing up and then he takes all the pay-per-view. “

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