Stand up? Marc Márquez does not rule out abandoning the Italian Grand Prix: “It’s a possibility”

Marc Márquez

This Friday, Marc Márquez He had confessed that after Spanish Grand PrixHe had thought of making a stop in his recovery. After a few weeks of that race, the pilot of the Repsol Honda He assured that he did not feel 100% of his physical state. However, it was progressing until this weekend, in the Italian Grand Prix, where he does not rule out abandoning: «It’s a posibility«.

Márquez spoke after the first session of free practice this Friday and assured that his physique is still quite affected. In addition, the tracing of Mugello it does not help your recovery. Ups, downs, changes of speed and direction, make the Spanish rider’s shoulder begin to suffer little by little and he cannot fully recover.

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This is why Márquez did not rule out the idea of ​​leaving the Italian test because next week he has a fundamental race: the Catalan Grand Prix, in Barcelona. In this circuit, Márquez already tried a few weeks ago with a smaller displacement motorcycle. The next few hours will be key to see what decision Marc will make, thinking about his physique.

Physical state

«The day has been marked by the physical. Since I left, I saw that it was difficult for me. Where I suffer the most is in the second boxing exit. In the last one I am a little better. It is difficult to explain because almost two months ago Portimao. It should be better, but I’m in a similar situation. I’m pretty stuck in the evolution of the shoulder. In quotation marks, but it makes the arm work badly », said the pilot of Sling.


Due to his problems, Márquez analyzes the situation to stop. However, he wants to go through with his recovery. “Where I suffer the most on all circuits is in the changes of direction. Here it is full. At the moment, the situation is not what we would like, but it is good to be able to get on a motorcycle, go around and accumulate kilometers. If we see that the situation becomes dangerous it will be time to stop and think about Montmeló. But, for now, we are not in this situation, “he clarified.

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