The best? Bruno Silva challenges a UFC legend to keep growing

Bruno Silva.

Bruno Silva continues unstoppable in UFC and he is more confident than ever about what is coming in his professional career. Understanding that he has a 12-5-2 record under his belt, contributing five knockouts and three finishes, he is not afraid of anyone. Three wins, one draw and two losses are the results of his last six contests, so many trust his presence in the company.

In these hours, the Brazilian had an interview with MMA Fighting, where he was forceful with his words. Being so, Silva He started by saying, “What motivates me to call him is the number of followers he has. He’s quite popular, everyone knows him, and that’s what we want as fighters, to be known and to grow as fighters. He’s very popular and that would also help me grow as a fighter. “

The return of the king? The figure with which Henry Cejudo could return to the UFC

“It would be a hit, we would hit it all the time. It would be a very technical fight because it is the highest level. Fuck, everyone would love this fight, no doubt. You talked about going down, so here I am. If it goes down, I know a super flyweight to fight with him, ”explained the South American. While he has performed well at the company led by Dana White, his next step would be quite difficult.

Goes for the top

At the same time, Bruno He recounted: “I’ve always trained well with top-level guys in the gym, but when you go out to prove yourself and lose, you start to question yourself. Can I really beat these guys? You start to question yourself, you have that doubt in your mind, but your confidence returns once you are able to prove yourself and people start to believe in you.

“I felt more relaxed after that first knockout. I said, ‘Man, I just have to go out and do what I know.’ I don’t have to worry about the contracts and the money now, because now I have won something. Bruno Silva. Now, after knocking out Victor Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 27, he has his sights set on just one goal: Cody Garbrandt. Will it be given? We have to wait to know it …

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