Video: the brutal hit in the face that a New York Mets player received

New York Mets

Kevin Pillar, American baseball player of the New York Mets of the MLB, suffered a brutal direct ball to his face during a match between his team and the Atlanta Braves last Monday. According to the local media, the pitching of the pitcher Jacob Webb it reached a speed of 150 kilometers per hour when it hit Pillar’s face. The athlete had to be hospitalized and presented multiple nasal fractures.

The New York Mets beat the Atlanta Braves 3-1 this Monday in an MLB match. In that game, the baseball player Pillar received a very hard blow to his face after a throw from Webb, which led to the bleeding of the injured player’s nose. He subsequently withdrew from the playing field and was taken to the nearest hospital for a CT scan.

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“Thanks to everyone who has contacted me! It’s scary but I’m fine! ”Was what Pillar wrote on his official Twitter account, sending a bit of reassurance to the fans. After his hard blow, the images were surprising and it was possible to see how his nose was bleeding in jets. The players present were approached with a gesture of shock by the TV broadcast.

This was the first game of the series between the Braves and the Mets, this Tuesday the second game was played that ended in favor of the Mets again 4-3. The shocking blow to the New York team player occurred while he was in the batter’s box. The pitch that ended well into the strike zone came in the top of the seventh inning of the game.

Medical part

The player was treated by medical personnel present at the stadium but was later taken to hospital to rule out any serious injury. “After being hit by a pitch in the top of the seventh inning last night, Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures. He will meet with a facial specialist in Atlanta to determine the next steps, “was what the official Mets account published in a statement.

The shocking blow

Medical part of the equipment

The player’s message

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