What will happen now? Alexander Volkanovski treated Brian Ortega as a fake

Alexander Volkanovski.

Few hours ago, Alexander Volkanovski killed his next rival for the title, Brian Ortega. Both are trainers in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, where they have begun to know each other more than before. In that way, dialoguing with The Joe Rogan Experience, the champion did not save anything and went directly against his challenger, making it clear that he did not believe his character much.

In that sense, Volkanovski He began by explaining the following: “To be honest, it doesn’t say much. It doesn’t say much. I don’t know, I’ve gotten over it a bit, to be honest. Just a couple of things, I think it’s fake and I don’t believe his shit, that’s the way things are with me, that’s what I think. I think he plays a nice guy and some of the shit he says, I think it’s all bullshit. ”

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«I suppose you can watch the show and see with little things. I don’t think he’s such a bad guy, maybe I’m just looking for things to hate him for, maybe, yeah, probably. So I’m sitting here like, ‘Yeah, fuck it Brian Ortega‘I’m going to find something to hate him for. Maybe that’s what he was, but like I said, it’s not difficult to get under his skin, “said the new champion.

Hot weather?

On the other hand, Alexander He commented, “Even I’m just saying, I guarantee it’s boiling. Maybe that’s the strategy for my next fight because I know how easily it kicks in. I’m just going to be like, ‘Hey, BrianFuck you, ‘and that’s it. He definitely looked good in that fight. He also surprised me in that fight. He definitely changed his game a bit and then fought a different fight that I wasn’t expecting. “

“But again, I am confident in my abilities, I just think I will be too much and the beautiful thing about this is that I can say what I want, but I can prove it soon. I wish I could give it a try in March when I was scheduled to fight, but obviously that didn’t happen. I will show it very soon and everyone will be able to see it, “he added. Alexander Volkanovski, who seeks to defend his title.

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