With everything! Carla Esparza, confident of taking the UFC title from Rose Namajunas

Carla Esparza.

Spectacularly, Carla esparza is making big history in UFC, although he knows that the best is coming. After beating Yan Xiaonan at UFC Vegas 27, surely the title fight is coming up for her. Rose namajunas I’d be waiting for her, if the company matches them in no time. There is no doubt that she is the best in the division, after the brand new champion.

At the beginning of his sayings, Scatter He highlighted the following: “In my opinion, that is the only thing that makes sense. That is the struggle to do. I hope, especially with the way the fight played out, it was such a commanding performance, that it will definitely be my fight. It should be my fight. We are both very different fighters than we were the first time we fought. “

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“I wouldn’t say completely different, but we are definitely much sharper and have added a lot of tools to our arsenal. I think it would be a more exciting fight because it would be a higher level fight than it was at the time. There are two people who have improved for seven years and have come a long way, “explained the experienced fighter.

More excited than ever

At the end of his last fight, Carla She was interviewed by Paul Felder and told him: “I am very happy and excited about this victory. I worked a lot in the fight for this fight and everything served to stay with the victory. I am calm and I know that I did very well to finish her off. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do in the cage, so I decided to lay her down and go for the position of the crucifix ».

“It was then that I realized that everything was ready. This is my fifth win in a row and I want to have a shot at the title with Rose Namajunas. Dana White, make it possible. I deserve this fight and the opportunity to have the belt back with me. I’m ready and I know I can really get it done. I am more confident and cheerful than ever. I’m going for everything I can get, “he concluded. Carla esparza.

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