An example for his children: Guido Cannetti does not give up on the UFC and goes for more

Guido Cannetti.

At 41, Guido cannetti (8-5 MMA, 2-4 UFC) wants to show that he is fit for the big leagues. The Argentine will see action on August 28, having Mario Bautista in front of him. Of course, it will not be easy at all and, in fact, it could be your last chance to keep the illusion alive in the company. Therefore, in dialogue with MMA Junkie, the “Ninja” provided peace of mind for the fans.

Hours ago, Cannetti He said: “The truth, if I’m honest with you: I’m in UFC, which is the largest organization in the world, and I come from two defeats, although I did not lose them in a way that was technically or physically overcome by a lot, they still beat me anyway and that hurts me a lot. I know if I lose the next one, considering my age, I will be released. So I’m making the most of this final stage of my career.

Laureano Staropoli, the Argentine who wants to make a lot of noise in the UFC Middleweight

“I am trying to do the best job I can and will keep fighting if I win. If I don’t win and they let me go, I don’t think I’ll keep fighting. I’m sure I will retire. But if I win, I will keep fighting and capitalize on everything I have learned all these years. I really hope victory comes. Seeing my children watching me fight and lose, gives me deep pain because every day I try to show them that you can advance in life, “said the Argentine.

Goes for glory

Confident in his power, Guido He said: “If I’m honest, sometimes I ask myself, ‘What’s happening to me?’ because I really don’t understand. I have trained with high level fighters and I have done well, and then I fight in UFC And I don’t do that well I’ve given fighters in the top five and top 10 a tough time training, and then I look at my UFC career and see how I’ve lost and even won, and I don’t like it at all.

I’m not happy at all. I’m happy that I got here, how hard I trained to get there and how I’ve behaved. But the truth is, I don’t feel like my career has gone the way it should. I am very sad about that and I try to change things every time I enter the cage. I know this rival is very tough and this could be a very good victory for me, something like Glover Teixeira’s fight against (Thiago) ‘Marreta’ (Santos) », he concluded Guido cannetti.

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