Devin Haney struggles but beats Jorge Linares by unanimous decision

Devin Haney pasa apuros pero vence por decisión unánime a Jorge Linares

Devin Haney overcame the most complicated test of his career to beat by unanimous decision Jorge Linares placeholder image Saturday night in Las Vegas.

At times, the American was touched by the hand of Linares and had to resort to survival mode and hugs to avoid going to the canvas. But beyond those episodes, Devin Haney He showed all the technical skills of speed, hitting repertoire, and fight adjustments that make him one of the most exciting young fighters of the moment, until he took the decision on Linares.

Against him, Devin Haney He demonstrated a vulnerable jaw, and confirmed the lack of punching power seen in his short career. It hits crisp, clear and solid, but does not shake up rivals, despite the plasticity of its deliveries.

Jorge Linares placeholder image, on the other hand, he lost the match by keeping his right hand for most of the fight. His right hand is the one that pulled Lomachenko and it is with which he has achieved his most memorable knockouts. It is a right hand with knockout power. However, he made two-thirds of the fight overly relying on his left hand, as if his right hand was hurt because he wasn’t pulling it out with power.

That dependence on his left hand made Devin Haney begin to telegraph it, read it and anticipate it. But when, at last, Linares He was encouraged to put out his right hand with power, Haney felt it, he hurt himself, and the fight leveled off.

Devin Haney He started the fight by establishing that jab full of plasticity. He shoots it with speed, precision, and technique. It takes advantage of the full dimension of its long arms to puncture and collect. He showed it from the first round. In that first round, Linares tried to surprise by counterattacking short with the left hook at the exit of Haney. The Venezuelan clearly connected most of the left hands he threw in that first round.

The American showed that he has an interesting boxing intelligence, when reading his ruling. And he adjusted in the second round. Reading that Linares that came dependent on his left, Haney he began to read, focus on it, and take it off. Thus he began to build an advantage in the score.

For the third round, Devin Haney he was in perfect command of the fight. He displayed all his technical prowess and makes everything fail at Linares. Haney jab up and down. They had already found the timing and the distance to subdue the Venezuelan, who no longer finds a target with his left hand.

Jorge Linares placeholder image he also made his adjustments. He changed the dynamics of the fight, and he took the fourth episode with his best round so far in the fight. He found rank again with his left. However, they were isolated, systematic blows. Linares I wanted to solve everything with the same tool: the left hook. By that time, it was already evident that the right hand was tied. He was throwing it only to timidly follow his determined left hand. The Venezuelan sowed doubt about whether that right hand was hurt, because he did not throw it, more than shyly.

In the fifth round, Devin Haney it stated that he was coming to fight. He didn’t get to run, or to shy away from the fight. He is determined to stop and exchange with Linares. Finally, the first forceful right hand of the Venezuelan appears, and stops in his tracks Haney. Immediately, the power of the right hand of Linares. It took him almost half a fight to land his best punch with that hand.

When we get to the middle of the fight, Devin Haney he gave little in his dominance over the ring. I had read the dependence on Linares on his left hand, and with that confidence he would stop to exchange. Taking care of just one hand always encourages courage. At times, Linares looked more than overwhelmed, overwhelmed. His combat was slowing down, and his spirits were beginning to surrender. They weren’t the best moments of Linares in the sixth round.

In the seventh round, that loss was confirmed in Linares, as he had his most passive round of the fight. Haney he set and glowed with his jab, but he was also beginning to use other tools brightly. Among them, the uppercut. The upper of Haney it is poetry. It has plasticity, eloquence, extension, and angle. He throws it to surprise. When the rival is expecting anything else, Haney drop the uppercut, without even having to change your stance. Those upares entered clear, perfect on the face of Linares. But again, despite their sharpness, they were punches without knockout power.

Before going to the eighth round, the corner of Linares He was already working at forced marches to contain the first cut and the inflammations in the already very weathered face of the Venezuelan. Jorge he had already lost a step of speed. His left-handed cons, his only useful tool so far in the fight, didn’t have the same spark as in past rounds, and Haney he had no problem taking the blow off.

In the eighth round, Jorge Linares placeholder image he got some breath back in the fight. He closes the round strong, and begins to dare to throw two-handed combinations, and to forget a bit about the resource of the isolated left hook.

The right hand of Linares, it began to appear. And the presence of that right hand would add a touch of drama and uncertainty to the fight.

The tenth round was a round with dominance for Haney. But in the final seconds and in the last fling of the round, Linares unleashed a straight right that found the chin of Devin Haney. Everyone in the arena felt the explosiveness of the blow. the same Linares celebrated immediately, while Haney He would walk hesitantly towards his corner, which was already waiting for him with showers of ice water to restore him to his senses.

The right hand, the one Jorge Linares placeholder image the whole fight was saved, now it made a significant dent in Devin Haney. And with a single hit.

Devin Haney went out to round 11 in survival mode. Jorge Linares placeholder image He looked for it with some restraint and found it. Every time the Venezuelan got it right, his legs seemed to bend to him. Haney. However, Jorge Linares placeholder image it was little vehement. He did not seek to liquidate Haney, who managed to regain lucidity in the middle of the round, and closed the chapter solidly. The Venezuelan’s prey was gone.

The last round Jorge Linares placeholder image He went out to find the last effort. Again, his right hand hurt Haney, who again resorted to hugging to stay upright. Avoid combat, and seek to prolong the hugs as long as possible to eat the clock. Until he did it.

The domain that Devin Haney had built in the first half of the fight, when Jorge Linares placeholder image tied his right hand, it was enough to take the fight by unanimous decision.

The judges saw win Devin Haney on Linares, in unanimous decision and with two cards of 116-112, and one more, of 115-113.

With that, Devin Haney he overcame some adversity in the fight, and solidly won his toughest fight to date, against the best opponent of his career. He leaves doubts, especially in his resistance to beating, since he is a member of a division of hard hitters. And it also leaves doubts about its own punch. He connected several times and solidly to Linares, from all angles, but it never seemed to hurt the Venezuelan.

From Jorge Linares placeholder image The question remains as to what would have happened if he had decided to throw his right hand more vehemently and frequently from the start of the fight.

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