Dominican mothers and the impact on their children, professional athletes

Dominican mothers and the impact on their children, professional athletes

Like every last Sunday in May, Dominican mothers celebrate their day but the impact of them is experienced daily

Throughout the history of Dominican sport we have witnessed different success stories. Athletes who overcome obstacles to become stars that shine in different sports disciplines.

And in many of those stories there is a common factor that is both the force that drives them, the reason that inspires them and the wisdom that advises them, in the pursuit of their dreams.

Every year, on the last Sunday of May in the Dominican Republic (and other countries such as Haiti and Sweden), Mother’s Day is celebrated. A holiday for everyone who has a feeling for this country.

This won’t be another special day Karl-Anthony Towns. Every day he has his mother in mind and through his social networks and interviews the fan has been able to obtain a sample of the meaning of his mother for him.

Although he already expressed it on May 9, Jacqueline Towns Cruz It is KAT’s Dominican link with the country, and his departure as he put it made his life change.

In baseball, we can only say that Maria Fernanda Tatis is a major league mom. Married to former player Fernando Tatis, and mother of the San Diego Padres star, Fernando Tatis Jr.

He has always been there in the good and not so good moments, giving the messages of support and remembering those times where they were the guide. With a good presence on social media, the lady is also introducing us to the next baseball star she is also very proud of, Elijah Tatis and the others.

And speaking of ladies, there is one that has a very special place in these lines. Arelis Reynoso she is a woman in every sense of the word. Intelligent, educated, charismatic and human.

We have no doubts that the journalist is one of the most important causes in the way of being of your son, Al horford. Always attentive to the athletes and causes of her country, but above all to her children and grandchildren.

Although from the mother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. we know little due to the fact that she has been kept out of the public eye, the grandmother of the Toronto Blue Jays first baseman and mother of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, Vladimir Guerrero, has played a very important role in his life. We have always seen her in the great moments of both her son and her grandson and Altagracia Alvino She has earned the reputation of being “the cook of the Major Leagues.” An affable lady, La Jefa every time she has had the opportunity to speak expresses great admiration and pride for her descendants.

We may have an idea, but we will never know the true impact of Lilian Pena and what the champion of all the Dominicans felt, Felix Sanchez, all those days.

The one who was like her mother was engraved in our hearts with that image of how ‘El Súper Sánchez’ won the gold medal in the 400 meters hurdles and crying she took the photo of her foster mother to celebrate with her that achievement achieved, 4 years after his death.

There is no interview in which Sánchez can talk about such an important figure in his life without shedding tears. Mothers in our lives have a preponderant role not only for bringing us into the world, but also for everything they do afterwards to push us to achieve our dreams.

And just like these, there are hundreds of more stories that do not fit in these lines but that are just as important, in the success and life of Dominican athletes. Happy mothers day.

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