The last chance: Guido Cannetti looks for the victory that will keep him in the UFC

Guido Cannetti.

The extraordinary Argentine fighter from UFC, Guido cannetti, was blunt about his future. Knowing that he will have one more chance to see if he can stay with the company, he intends to win a victory that leaves him at the top. 8-5 MMA, 2-4 UFC is the record he has, coming in with two losses in a row. In that way, before MMA Junkie, he made it clear that he will not leave the company easy.

Being clear, Cannetti He highlighted: «I hope that happens to me at 41 years of age like him to have the opportunity to continue climbing. I don’t know if I will become a champion, but maybe I can achieve several victories in a row and forge a better future for my family. This time, I am going to train in my country. I have a good team and I have many friends who do well internationally in tournaments. I have Luciano Correa, who is a black belt and a good friend of mine ».

An example for his children: Guido Cannetti does not give up on the UFC and goes for more

“And with all the training I’ve had internationally at Team Alpha Male and other gyms, I don’t think I should go. It is a very high cost to live there in the US The price of the dollar here is simply impossible. It’s too expensive and I haven’t fought in a long time. I had to spend money during the pandemic that I did not plan to spend in order to support myself and my family. I don’t have a lot of money, ”the Argentine reported.

One more chance

In that sense, Guido He also communicated: “Fortunately, I have a lot of high-level people here and I will also be training with some friends who are professional boxers and have fought in the United States. I am tested and have a lot of experience. I don’t think I will feel a big change training here. My son always uses this phrase: ‘What touches, touches and luck is crazy’. One day you are down, the other day you are up ».

“If I do something spectacular and win, the doors can open and I keep climbing. I don’t limit myself and I always live in the present. Whatever happens, it will happen. Hopefully for the better, because I think I deserve it for having fought so long, having my obstacles. It saddens me a lot to know that this may be my last fight, but at the same time happy to have one more chance, “he said. Guido cannetti to close.

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