“We want to surprise the world,” confesses Shelly Finkel of Deontay Wilder

Shelly Finkel y Deontay Wilder

Shelly Finkel, co manager of Deontay Wilder, has full confidence that his client will knock out Tyson fury at the closing of the trilogy.

Wilder he is definitely capable, he was not the fighter we all met in that last fight and we want to surprise the world, ” Finkel to Sky Sports. “We really won’t be surprised if he wins, but I think many will be. Deontay it will stop it this time. “

Wilder prepares for the third part with Fury. In the first fight, for many, he came close to knocking him out after knocking him down in the ninth and twelfth rounds in 2018. However, the count did not go to the end and the fight ended in a draw.

In order to Finkel, the intense preparation of Wilder has been really key to rediscovering himself on the way to his return in 2021.

“He has shown many skills that many have not seen until now,” he considered. “It is debatable whether we have knocked out Fury before, but many believe the count was too long that time – I don’t know if the referee just didn’t see the knockout. Because if I had seen it, I don’t know if the fight should continue ”.

Wilder Y Fury met again in February 2020 and the Bronze Bomber he was knocked out in the seventh inning.

Fury made him fall in the third and fifth, and ended up losing his belt of the completes of the CMB.

Fury He did well in the end it was okay, ”Shelly said. “Yes Deontay I would have landed another strong blow, perhaps the consequences would have been serious ”.

Shelly Finkel He also assured that the look of Wilder could be in a future unification with Anthony Joshua, But for now all the focus they have on the team is on finally ending the reign of Fury and regain your world title.

“The unification fight with Joshua it would be the next objective without a doubt, but we still cannot think about that ”, he pointed out. “We are totally focused on this fight. It is what at the moment we have in front of us and where is the sight of Wilder. Nothing is bigger than this. Even though we go and defeat Joshua, this is the real big fight for us ”.

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