Will it succeed? Claressa Shields’ dream that is viral on social networks

Claressa Shields.

Claressa shields, star of American women’s boxing, is now ready for her debut in the MMA. Your arrival at PFL she drove fans crazy, although what’s coming for her could be even better. The three-time boxing champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist already has her contract with the Mixed Martial Arts company. Hours ago he spoke with MMA Fighting and told what his dream is.

Being that way, Shields He stressed: “In women’s boxing, women are not paid as much. I have won every title you can imagine, down to the last organization. Three-time world division champion, two-time undisputed champion at 154 and 160 pounds. I’ve had degrees at 168 and it’s like I’m not a millionaire. I am known all over the world, but I am not yet a household name.

She already has a rival: the warrior who will collide with Claressa Shields in her MMA debut

“There is nothing else I can do in women’s boxing to become a household name because I have done it all. I can not do anything else. People talked about me and Laila Ali fighting or coming out of retirement. It still wouldn’t be a household name after that victory. It’s not becoming a household name, that’s why I’m doing MMA. Because for me, it is the bigger picture, “he said.

They will not be able to with your trust

Focused on the top Claressa He said, ‘I want to be a household name. I want to be a millionaire. I want to get my fair share and I could never get my fair share in boxing so I will use my athletics to see what I can do in MMA. I feel sorry for me, when you are a champion, people look at your achievements and say ‘what else can you do?’ and being the best woman of all time, I am the best of all time in boxing without a doubt.

No one can argue with that. Any girl in boxing or any girl in MMA, you won’t be able to say ‘no, she’s not the best’. I am the best in boxing and I will be the best in MMA if I have the opportunity to fight in the PFL and I become a PFL champion at the same time as boxing. Who can argue that I am the greatest woman of all time? I have beaten all the girls in the box and now I have beaten the girls in MMA », he closed Claressa shields.

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