Copa América, Alberto Fernández “In the face of internal risk, am I going to add an external risk?”

Copa América, Alberto Fernández "In the face of internal risk, am I going to add an external risk?"

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, spoke this Monday morning about the decision not to host the next America Cup due to the COVID-19 outbreak, news that was confirmed this Sunday by Conmebol, which already announced that the new host will be Brazil.

In dialogue with Roberto Caballero, in his radio program on AM 990, Fernández referred to the reasons that led him to withdraw from the organization of the continental tournament and highlighted that several of the chosen venues are governed by the opposition, with whom he has strong crosses because in several cases they do not comply with the restrictions of their government to stop the second wave of coronavirus. “I was going to have to argue with Mendoza, Santa Fe, Córdoba, the Federal Capital and Mar del Plata … And the risk is very great,” he said.

In addition, he recognized that most of the soccer players were going to be vaccinated with doses of Sinovac, a laboratory whose formula has not yet been approved by the ANMAT, because that antidote has a lower efficacy than other injections produced in China.

“Faced with the internal risk, am I going to add an external risk? It is true that not too many people were going to mobilize, but with one who comes infected, the disease spreads at an enormous rate, “he added.

“What worried me the most, which was basically what led us to make the decision, is that I saw that the venues that Conmebol had chosen, the City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, are venues that they are on epidemiological alert ”, he argued.

In this sense, he pointed out that “the governments of these cities do not respect much” that situation and that, in fact, “for example today they return to face-to-face classes”, which implied “a very great risk” in the event that the competition was held. of national teams.

“I had a talk with the president of Conmebol, in which he raised the reasons why he believed it could be done in Argentina. I asked him for time until Monday, until today, because I wanted to see how things evolved,” he said. about the decision process. “We saw what happened on Thursday, what happened on Friday and we thought about the sanitary conditions of the possible venues; the risk was very great,” concluded the president.

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