Cruz Azul vs. Santos – Party Report – May 30, 2021

Cruz Azul vs.  Santos - Party Report - May 30, 2021

Blue Cross beat Saints, their ghosts and their very fears. After 23 years, the Machine He is a Mexican soccer champion. A goal from Jonathan Rodriguez drove away the malaria that had accompanied the Celestial since 1997 and the cement producers, dramatically, achieved the coveted ninth star with an aggregate score of 2-1 over the Warriors.

The Celestial they chose to start with a defensive approach. They waited on their court for the visitors to make a mistake so they could attack with counterattacks. However, the Warriors they gave few opportunities to be caught badly.

The possession of the ball was for the visitors, but the first danger was for the locals at 26 ‘, in a play that was born in a corner kick. Jonathan Rodriguez He executed it and Juan Escobar got up to finish with a header without much force, so Carlos Acevedo saved without problems.

The 23-year-old ghosts appeared at 37 ‘. Diego Valdés took the ball out of the blue area. Before the mark of Julio Domínguez and Juan Escobar, on two occasions he made the feint that he was going to shoot, until he found a hole to take a powerful left shot at the corner, which left José de Jesús Corona with no chances.

The goal made Blue Cross change your posture. He played closer to the goal of Saints and even before the end of the first half, Luis Romo was close to scoring, but Carlos Acevedo’s hands reappeared.

Reynoso moved his pieces for the second half. He took out Roberto Alvarado and Orbelín Pineda to make room for Yoshimar Yotún and Santiago Giménez. Both immediately generated dangerous plays in less than five minutes. ‘Chaquito’, at 48 ‘, had a hand in hand against Carlos Acevedo that the Lagunera defense cleared.

Yoshimar Yotún led the play of the cement goal at 50 ‘. The Peruvian won the ball from two opponents and yielded to Jonathan Rodriguez, who defined in a great way before the late dewatering of Carlos Acevedo.

The goal of ‘Little head‘It was a hit it lasted for Saints and for the ghosts that roamed the Azteca Stadium.

Blue Cross maintained possession of the ball, while inaccuracies took hold of Saints, a team that ran out of ideas to generate dangerous plays, except for free kick and corner actions, which made the sky-blue ones suffer.

Five minutes were added, that moment that has played against the Machine. However, this time it was not like that, despite the fact that an outbreak of anger postponed the celebration for a few seconds, but Blue Cross He is once again champion of Mexican soccer 23 years later.

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