Lammens: “We made the decision not to go ahead with the organization of the Copa América”

Lammens: "We made the decision not to go ahead with the organization of the Copa América"

The Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation and former president of San Lorenzo, Matías Lammens explained how the decision was reached not to carry out the America’s Cup in Argentina: “We made the decision. We had met last week with Alejandro Domínguez, the president of Conmebol, and we had evaluated the possibility of not only doing the part that Argentina had to do, but we also presented different protocols to take the part that Colombia was organizing, “he said in an interview with De Acá En Más, the program that journalist María O’Donell hosts on FM Urbana.

“Honestly, after talking about it all weekend, consulting especially with the Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti, we made the decision not to go ahead with the organization of the America’s Cup,” he added.

-On the other hand, he assured that it is not a decision due to the health risk, but because it could be taken as a confusing message in the midst of the Covid-19 restrictions. “We did not make this decision because of what it implied in terms of health risk, because the truth is that in that sense everything was very controlled, the protocols are strict, the schools travel by charter and are isolated, but because it seemed to us that it was a confusing message. at this moment in which we are asking people to make a very great effort and also where the health situation is very difficult, not only in the AMBA but in other provinces that are also headquarters, “he slipped. “It seemed to us that it was a message that could be misinterpreted. It was good to make a gesture that unfortunately has a cost because Argentina had made a commitment and having a tournament of this importance in the country has a significant economic impact,” he concluded.

“We presented a proocol to Conmebol with the part that Argentina had to organize. But I insist it is not an epidemiological risk to organize a bubble tournament with 5 or 10 teams. But it did not seem a coherent message for the population. We also agree that the health situation is not the same today as when the America’s Cup was launched, “added Lammens.

Asked how the situation with Conmebol remained, the Minister of Tourism and Sports stated that “There is no anger on the part of Conmebol. I myself spoke last night with Alejandro Domínguez and Gonzalo Belloso and they perfectly understand the circumstances and the moment they are living. Today they called he urgent meeting of Conmebol leaders to see what they decide on the future of the tournament. “

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