Racing Club vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – May 31, 2021

Racing Club vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - May 31, 2021

( – After drawing 0-0 against Boca Juniors in 90 minutes, Racing Club won 4-2 in the penalty shootout and became the first finalist in the 2021 League Cup.

The goals were converted by Rojas, Melgarejo, Chancalay and Copetti (Rossi covered Fabricio Domínguez); Villa and Pavón scored for Boca, while Tevez (his shot hit the crossbar) and Diego González (Chila Gómez saved) missed their respective shots.

Now those led by Pizzi will wait for the rival, who will leave the game that at 19 on Monday will play Independiente and Colón. If Red wins, there will be a final between the two greats from Avellaneda.

The first half, and in general the whole game, was boring. With few arrivals to the arches, and almost without participation of the archers.

The clearest of the first half was a ball into the area that Villa capitalized behind Nery Domínguez. The Colombian finished but goalkeeper Gómez covered with his body.

Everything else was approximations. The two borrowed the ball, circulated it from one side of the field to the other, but there was no surprise.

Neither decided to risk more than necessary. Boca kept the line of five, leaving the forwards isolated.

Racing was more concerned with covering Cardona and avoiding the climbs of Fabra (Copetti marked it) than in Rossi. And so the first half went.

In the complement, little changed. But we did see a Racing more delayed and a Boca that within its slowness and lack of ideas, approached a little closer to the rival goal.

Cardona, later replaced by Maroni, contributed his thing with a couple of passes that generated danger, first connecting well with Fabra and then with a ball to the area that Capaldo almost touched for the goal.

Racing had a situation: at 35 minutes Chancalay sent a center to the small area for Miranda to enter, but Fabra saved with just enough.

Tevez, very off, had his chance with a deflected shot when he went alone against Arias’s replacement, and at the end, Xeneize had it twice.

First with a free kick from Tevez that the goalkeeper sent for a corner kick. And then, after that center, the rebound was left to Fabra, who finished off the goal but found the goalkeeper standing very well.

It seemed that Boca did a little more in the 90 minutes, but just a little. The fear of losing of the two was greater.

Reality showed that neither of them risked too much. They took care of their bow first and then they thought of the one in front. Agustín Rossi, who started in place of Andrada, had almost no participation in the match.

The truth is that Racing, despite the criticism that at one point had the cycle of its coach, who was about to be fired, got into the final. In his style, without giving anything away, with order in the background, he achieved the second victory on penalties of this tournament, since he had just beaten Vélez by the same route.

Without Arias and Mena, summoned to the Chilean National Team, he played a difficult game against the two-time Argentine soccer champion.

In Boca a new stage will come. He will have to think about the reinforcements, about the players who have already completed a cycle, and also about the continuity of Russo, who in this last semester did not show lucidity to change the image of a team without ideas.

Meanwhile, the definition of the tournament is coming on Friday. And Racing celebrates.

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