Terrible! Chuck Lidell challenged and ridiculed Jake Paul on social media

Chuck Lidell.

Without a doubt, Jake paul is the temptation of many stars of UFC looking to change their economy. The American fighter and youtuber does not stop challenging different stars and figures of the MMA company, knowing that he has the power to try to knock out anyone. But, many fighters do not tolerate his actions and that is why they decline the offers he sends.

However, there are other surnames that, without hesitation, would fight with Paul. Not just for wanting to shut his mouth and liquidate him right away, but for the huge amount of money a battle with him could bring. This is precisely the case of Chuck leader, former star of UFC and legendary Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Without a doubt, he confirmed that he would fight the influencer.

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In that way, in the last hours, Chuck leader He expressed himself on social networks and stressed that he is not afraid of the youtuber. He’s not good enough to fight me. It just doesn’t make sense to him. None of that makes sense to this guy. Are you going to risk getting hurt like that? If they offer me enough money, I am always ready to fight, “he said.

Tentative proposals

Days ago, Jake tried to get his battle with Kamaru Usman. “I do not play to fight and I can change your life in the worst way,” warned the Welterweight champion of UFC. «The talks have already started. I understand that Usman’s manager is already negotiating with Dana White and I think that’s all I can say now, “he said. Paul in a conversation with the press.

For its part, Jake paul He posted the following on his personal Twitter account, trying to tempt the Nigerian: “So let’s get this straight: 1. Usman calls me to fight in a TMZ sports interview. 2. I quickly accept the challenge to fight and will give you the highest pay per day of my career ($ 10 million +). 3. Usman then withdraws from the fight because I am “a Disney kid.” 4. Usman visits Disney World.

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