Will he have his trilogy? Stipe Miocic assures that he would not lose again to Francis Ngannou

Stipe Miocic.

Francis Ngannou was crowned champion at UFC 260, knocking out hugely to Stipe Miocic. There, the Cameroonian was left with the best finish of the night, before one who had never lost that way. In that sense, he became the first African to be the King of the Heavyweights. Worse, in these hours, talking with MMA Fighting, the Croatian-American was forceful.

Being so, Miocic He began by explaining, “Oh, one hundred percent. It was his night. I’m not taking that away from him. And he was out of luck, he just caught me with a punch that I didn’t see, and it is what it is. No, man, not at all. I mean, he hit me with some good shots early on and I got them right. And then he did well in wrestling. I want a rematch and I want to get my title back.

He finished it! Stipe Miocic exploded against Derrick Lewis for his controversial words

“I didn’t have the best chance, but he did everything he was supposed to do. I ducked my head, got out, and followed behind. And it felt good, it still felt good. And he hit me with his right hand and I entered a little careless, and he counterattacked with the left hook, and that was it, “he summed up, explaining how he experienced the tough defeat against Francis Ngannou, who took away the title ..

To close, Stipe He said, ‘He took something that was mine and it drives me crazy every day. Honestly, I don’t care who it is. I would really love to fight Francis again for the rematch and get that W back in the rubber match. But yeah, I don’t care who it is. I don’t prefer anyone, but if I had a choice, I would want to fight with Ngannou again. Just because he hit me last time and took the belt.

His previous sayings

By losing the belt, Stipe Miocic He stressed: “First of all, I’m fine. I know that fall was not my most graceful fall, but I was unconscious so it happens. To my family, friends and fans, especially Croatia and Cleveland… I love you and I’m sorry. I hate to disappoint you. To my team, thank you. I know you feel every loss as much as I do. We win as a family, we lose as a family.

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