Get spicy: Leon Edwards says he will hit Nate Díaz a lot

Leon Edwards.

In a few days, Leon edwards will have a hard cross with Nate diaz, being one of the most anticipated. In that way, dialoguing with UFC Arabia, the first of the aforementioned made it clear that he is prepared to hit him very hard and take a victory home. Although everyone is eager to see the legendary and mythical stricker return, he wants to gain the limelight of the battle.

Starting, Edwards He commented, ‘I need to get out and I have to lock him up. They only stopped him once, and that’s all I need. He has been arrested. It is not a robot. He is not an invincible man. They’ve stopped him, and I really think I’ll go out there and stop him again, and I can’t wait. My skill set will be too much for him in standup. I need to go out there and show the world that I deserve the next title shot, and that’s what I’m going to do.

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On the ground, my strength will be too much for him. And I can’t wait to go out and let him feel that. I imagine going out and just hitting him from pillar to post and getting unemployed. I know he’s a tough tough guy, and I don’t think being tough and tough is enough to beat me. I have worked hard and dedicated myself for a long time, and now is the time for my results to show, ”he emphasized.

To close, Leon edwards He recounted: “I can’t wait to go out and show it. I do not believe it. I’ve fought a lot of main events and this is probably my fifth main event that I’m preparing for, so I’ve been here before. I have done. I don’t feel like it favors him. I think he only gets more punishment in the five rounds, and that’s all I see: I go out and put my hands on him and push him away.

The most anticipated return

At 35 years old, and being away for almost two years, Nate diaz wants to return with everything to the most important cage in the world. His current record is 21-12-0 and he is 4-2 in knockouts. Also, add 13-1 in submissions. His last fights were against Conor McGregor twice, winning and losing another, then defeating Anthony Pettis and falling against Jorge Masvidal for the “BMF” belt. Now, it will return in the UFC 263.

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