“I didn’t see anything new in Canelo versus Saunders,” notes Caleb Plant.

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Caleb Plant noted that he did not see anything new in Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, in the last fight of the Mexican against Billy Joe Saunders.

“I’ve said it before, see (Alvarez) it wasn’t like I was learning a lot of new things, ”he explained Plant in an interview with The Ring. “He did things that I already knew he did. That fight did not change my mind in any way. I’m not giving up on my fight plan. I know that when we fight, I will be the one to raise my hand. “

Plant claims he saw a slightly close fight, although in favor of Alvarez.

“In the end, I had 5 rounds (for Canelo), against 3 (for Saunders), which wasn’t a bad place to be until (Saunders) was arrested, being one round away from being tied, ”continued the American. “(Saunders) was landing big punches, until they caught up with him with a counterattack and he ran into a big punch. I had to Alvarez up (on the cards), but I’m so confident against Canelo as always”.

Caleb Plant is clear about his goal against Canelo

Knowing your next engagement, Caleb Plant knows what it would mean to beat Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. It will be important to defend your title from the International Boxing Federation, and seize your opponent’s belts.

Caleb Plant ensures that he is not a fighter like the English that he Canelo has faced recently.

“I’m not one of those Great Britain level guys,” he says. Plant. “I am not just an ABC fighter or 1,2,3. I am a fighter who can do it all. I can fight on my front pe, on my back foot, I can throw punches in combinations, isolated punches, I have great haha, great footwork.

“My goal is to be the undisputed world super middleweight champion, and he wants the same. So we have a conflict of interest, “he said. Plant. “There is only one way to solve this, and that is in the ring.”

“I have a great defense. The statistics of CompuBox They say they beat me less than anyone else in the division. Many of these guys already go into these fights intimidated (for Canelo). That is not me. Before these guys get in the ring, they’ve already lost, ”said the Nashville native.

“I don’t know their mentality,” he said. Plant. “I know mine. I have said this before. Respect to Canelo as a man, but I don’t respect his boxing skills. He will have to make me respect his boxing skills. “

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