“I thought Linares hit harder,” says Devin Haney

"I thought Linares hit harder," says Devin Haney

Devin Haney ensures that Jorge Linares placeholder image, does not hit as hard as expected, despite the fact that last Saturday, the American had to apply survival mode to avoid being knocked out.

“In the first part of the fight, I didn’t feel any punching power from him,” he said. Devin Haney on Linares, during a post-fight press conference. “I didn’t feel his punch in the first part of the fight. But then, at the end of the fight, I was surprised that he brought out his punching power. He proved he’s a veteran. But his punch was not what I thought. Honestly, I thought it would hit a lot harder. “

The difference was that Linares he didn’t use his right hand, his knockout punch, in the first half of the fight. And he did start using it in the last third of the fight. It was precisely with that right-handed blow that he was able to hurt the regular champion of the CMB in light weight.

The Dream He also talked about how he recovered from the blows received at the end of round 10, where Linares He hit a good combination in a big way.

“If you go in there and you think they won’t beat you in a 12-round fight, it would be a little credible,” he says Haney. “Especially against a guy who has been there in the biggest fights, who took down the fighter who is the best defender, who has the best legs, the best intelligence on the ring, like Lomachenko. He went in there and hit me with a good blow. I showed courage, and I showed that I am a true champion ”.

Linares He also withstood the hardest blows from his opponent, but in the end the 22-year-old emerged victorious.

“I knew this fight was going to be a test. The world knew it was going to be a test. This is by far the best fighter I have ever faced, “he explained. Haney. “Let’s not forget about that, this (Linares) is the guy who took down Knoll. He also shot down Luke campbell, Let’s not forget that. Everyone who has knocked him out, he (Linares) hurt them first, except Spout“.

Devin Haney says he wasn't hurt by Linares' blows.

Eddie Hearn will pay Teofimo López a million to face Devin Haney

Eddie hearn, who manages the destinies of Devin Haney with the promoter MatchRoom Boxing, will seek to organize a fight against Teofimo Lopez, to which you will offer a lot of money to say yes.

“One of the big problems in boxing is that there are those who organize fights for the benefit of their promoters and not the fighter. Yes Theophimus wants to fight with Taylor, There is nothing we can do. But I think we can pay him a lot more to fight with Devin Haney of what they would pay him to fight with Josh taylor“, Expressed Hearn.

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