Jeremías Ponce goes blow by blow to the top


Jeremiah Ponce He is one of the great promises of Argentine boxing, and here we will tell you everything you need to know about him.

Step by step and with certain peculiarities, Ponce He carries with him an undefeated 27 wins, with 17 finishes before the limit. He is 24 years old and is a native of José Mármol, Province of Buenos Aires.

He does not have a magnificent or dazzling nickname, but it is enough for him to be called “Jere“As his friends did when he went out to play. He began his professional career on September 4, 2015, when he knocked out Jesus Barraza on the Argentine Boxing Federation.

Many say that this Buenos Aires man is handled in the old fashion, and this qualification is not wrong. It has no managers, which can mean complication and peace of mind at the same time. His coach is the historical Alberto Zacarias, who is also in charge of arranging your presentations.

This young man from marble has already won the world championship of the International Boxing Organization, an entity not recognized by the FAB. He won this award after defeating the local Rico Muller in Germany on September 14, 2019, after 12 masterful rounds. In turn, he owns the Argentine and South American lightweight belts.

Jeremías Ponce with his precious IBO belt.

The effective style of Jeremías Ponce

Jeremiah Ponce study your rivals as if they were the multiplication tables. Attentively, he watches every move to discover the clearing where he can weigh his skills.

Ponce He walks the ring cautiously, measuring distances with his heavy left hand jab. When space is limited, it is also usually accompanied by a right-handed crusader.

At a constant pace, calmly but without giving respite to his opponents, it is usually a nightmare that diminishes second by second the physical capacity of those who have in the opposite corner.

The native of José Mármol is unpredictable. If you took your opponent against the ropes, it will be difficult to predict whether he will attack the middle or upper zone. Likewise, it will be difficult to guess if he will throw curved or straight punches, if they will be long combinations or surgical impacts.

Against the Uruguayan Martin Severo, who was left out of the fight in 2 rounds, you can perfectly appreciate the description. Severe he had no room to escape from his rival. It did not help him to walk the ring, endure the gusts, or harden his hands to avoid impacts.

On a defensive level, Jere it has good leg movement, great speed, acceptable waist movement, and buckled coverage.

His upcoming goals, and his way to the IBF belt

Jeremiah Ponce will have his future commitment to English Lewis Ritson, June 12. It will be the last eliminatory instance to the title of the International Boxing Federation.

Such a contest will be on British territory, more precisely at the Eagles Community Arena in Newcastle. Thus, Ponce He is already in Germany with his entire team, to finalize details for the event.

To get the victory, Jere He could negotiate his brawl against the Puerto Rican Subriel “Browny” Matías, one of the preponderant names of 135 pounds.

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