One x One: those classified to 8th. final of CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2021

One x One: those classified to 8th.  final of CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2021

The group stage of the CONMEBOL South American and the 16 teams that will seek the great conquest are already known.

Next, a review by the protagonists facing the draw for a final phase that promises to be exciting.



It is undoubtedly one of the strongest teams in this South American Cup. And candidate. They prevailed without problems in Group H, where they added 16 points out of 18 at stake. He had the highest scoring forward, with 21 goals, and only received five against. He shared the area with Lanús, La Equidad and Aragua, but the key to the classification was in the two victories obtained against the Argentine team, the last runner-up in this tournament, which they defeated 2 to 1 away and 3 to 1 at home.


They finished first in Group B with 14 points. El Rojo finished undefeated in his zone, with four games won and two draws. Within an even group, the Avellaneda group prevailed with authority. He reached the last date as leader and with the need to add at least one point against Guabira at home to get into the round of 16, and won 1 to 0 with both his scorer Silvio Romero. The Falcioni team showed solidity and personality, especially to overcome massive infections of Covid 19 within their squad. Thus, the King of Cups, who dreams of adding another continental title.


They stayed with Group D, with 15 points. The Brazilian team had a very good campaign, which in any case suffered enough to reach the second round. It was a one-on-one with Melgar, a team that was doing very well in the tournament, until they fell in the last three days. On the contrary, the Brazilians recovered from the loss to Melgar’s Peruvians on the third date, and then they threw together three consecutive victories to advance the group.


They finished with 11 points in Group A, and secured the passage to the round of 16 after drawing at home without goals against October 12. San Lorenzo anyway gave a hand to the Canallas, defeating Huachipato, the escort, 3-0. Within an irregular group stage, the Rosario achieved two key victories against the Cyclone that gave them air to reach the last day with clear chances. Those of Kily González won three games, drew two and lost only one, on the first date and against October 12.


He suffered but managed to qualify for the second round on the last date, as the leader of Group C, where Ceara arrived as a leader. Those led by Sergio Rondina were forced to beat Bolívar, already eliminated, and hope that the Brazilians did not add three against Jorge Wilstermann. Those from Sarandí won 3 to 1, while the Brazilians lost 1 to 0 against the Aviator. Rondina’s team, which was questioned by the team’s poor performance in the Professional League Cup, where it finished second to last in its zone, added 10 of the last 12 points in play and is going for more.


He stayed with Group E with authority, an area that he shared with Corinthians, River de Asunción and Sport Huancayo, from Peru. El Carbonero added 13 points with 15 goals in favor (Alvarez Martínez, with 8 goals, was the Pichichi of this phase) and only three against. One of the strikers with the highest score and the least defeated fences. The Uruguayans won the first four games in the area, and thus they reached the final stretch of the first phase with air. The away draw against Huancayo and River’s defeat against Corinthians sealed the classification.


After being champion of the tournament in his country, he also stayed with Group F, where he competed against Goiainiense, Newell’s and Palestino. Those led by Argentine Daniel Garnero added 13 points and won four games, tied one and lost the remaining. They reached the last date as leaders, although with the obligation to add at least one point so as not to depend on other results. In the closing they defeated Palestino as a visitor by 2 to 1.


He achieved the passage to eighth on the last date. He came second in the group behind Emelec, who lost 4 to 1 by a landslide against Talleres de Córdoba. For their part, the Brazilians won on their visit to Deportes Tolima by 2 to 1 and stayed with the group. It was a very even area. The paulista team added four wins and two defeats, but became strong as a visitor in the last two days, defeating Talleres and at the end, the Colombian team.



The runner-up in the last Libertadores is the surprise of this South American. More was expected from the Brazilian team that shared the zone with Boca, Barcelona of Ecuador and The Strongest, but finished third with six points after a pale performance. In the middle of the competition he was left without DT due to the departure of Ariel Holan. Today it is directed by Fernando Diniz. El Peixe had reached the Libertadores from the Repechage, after eliminating San Lorenzo in the final round. In an economic crisis, among other footballers he no longer has is the Venezuelan Soteldo.


He was third in Group D, a very even area. It left a bitter taste to those led by Perea la Libertadores, since on the last date they were able to finish second and enter the eighth of the most important continental competition. But they did not beat Santa Fe, despite having many chances to win, and thus they did not take advantage of the defeat of River, hit by Covid 19, against Fluminense. Those from Barranquilla added four draws, a victory and a defeat.


He fought until the end for second place in the Libertadores, but could not reach it. On the last date, at home, he defeated the surprising leader Argentinos Juniors. However, the Catholic beat Atlético Nacional and relegated it to third place. The Uruguayan tournament champion had a bad start, where he only added two points out of 12 at stake. The final comeback did not reach him.


He shared a group with Flamengo, Vélez and Unión La Calera. A difficult area, where Flamengo and Vélez took advantage. Liga de Quito finished with eight points, securing third place without much trouble, taking into account that La Calera, the most accessible rival in that area, only added two units. A rival that will be difficult at height, without a doubt.


He lived an incredible final against Olympia. A heads up that left the Venezuelans third on goal difference. In the last day of the group, Táchira arrived with a good difference of so many in favor and the Paraguayans were forced to win and thrash. In a game with many emotions, Olimpia thrashed 6 to 2 and left San Cristóbal’s team in third place, who became strong at home, but lost all the games away from home. They finished with nine points.


He was third in Group A, where he had tough rivals: Palmeiras, the champion of the Libertadores, and Defensa y Justicia, champion of the South American Cup. He reached the last date competing hand in hand for a place in the Sudamericana against the University of Peru. But Palmeiras thrashed the Peruvian team, and those of Ecuador tied with Defense and Justice to achieve the passage.


He finished third in Group E, where Racing was first and San Pablo, second. Argentines and Brazilians showed from the outset that they were going to fight well up for the pass to the second round, and thus the Peruvian team played almost one-on-one against Rentistas from Uruguay. The victory that he achieved precisely against the Uruguayans by 2 to 0 on the fifth date, gave him oxygen to add four points, one more than his rival, and enter the South American.


He reached the last date depending on himself to advance to the second round of the Libertadores. But he could not beat Cerro Porteño, he lost 1 to 0 (the Colombian team needed to beat him by several goals) and was third, taking advantage of the fact that Deportivo La Guaira lost to Mineiro. America had a very irregular gait, losing four games, drawing one and winning the rest.

Draw Methodology – Round of 16

This phase will be contested by the teams that finish in the first place of the Group Phase of CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2021 and the teams that finish in the third place of each group of the Group Phase of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021 in accordance with Article 2.2.3 of the Club Manual of CONMEBOL Sudamericana.

  • In order to determine the rivals of each key, two standings will be formed: one with the winning teams of each group of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2021 Group Phase, which will occupy Bolillero 1 and another among the eight teams that finished third in the Group Phase of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021, which will occupy Bolillero 2.

  • Their location in each table will give them a ranking from 1 to 8 for the CONMEBOL Sudamericana teams and from 9 to 16 for the CONMEBOL Libertadores teams, according to their performance.

  • In Bolillero 1, the winners of each group of the Group Phase of CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2021 will be located.

  • In Bolillero 2, the third placed of each group of the Group Phase of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021 will be located.

  • The teams with the best performance (lowest numbering in the order from 1 to 16) will define their home matches.

  • From Bolillero 2, the third placed in each group in CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021, the 8 balls will be extracted that will make up the keys A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H (local in the first leg).

  • Immediately after the drawing of each ball of Bolillero 2, the balls of Bolillero 1 that will complete the keys will be drawn, thus defining the crosses for the Eighth Finals.

  • In this phase, teams from the same country will be able to face each other, as well as those that have already faced each other in the Group Phase of the competition. -Conformation of bolilleros-

BOLILLERO 1: First place in the South American CONMEBOL Group
BOLILLERO 2: Third place in the CONMEBOL Libertadores Group

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