Rubén Capria, Racing manager, in SportsCenter: “I never doubted the quality of the squad”

Rubén Capria, Racing manager, in SportsCenter: "I never doubted the quality of the squad"

Ruben Capria, the manager of Racing Club, chatted with SportsCenter about the victory before Boca Juniors that led to the passage to the final of the League Cup, He praised the team and gave his opinion on the questions that Juan Antonio Pizzi received: “At the time we received too much criticism and perhaps now too much praise.”

Next, the best phrases of the Magician with the ESPN newscast:

“We are all important in management. It is a team effort.”

“At times you can have ups and downs in performance, turbulence. But you have to manage and think about the common good.”

“Beyond talking about the recent past, today we are in an advantageous and happy situation.”

“The choice of Juan (Pizzi) and his coaching staff has to do with a certain profile. We put many things on the balance. The good thing I have is I feel that my role makes sense if the leadership believes in my criteria.”

“In some matters I consider myself a firm type because I have convictions.”

“We started with a 0-5 pineapple (vs. River Plate in the Argentine Super Cup) and it was not easy for anyone. We wrap ourselves up and learn over time.”

“These things that were happening strengthened us.”

“When you put together a team structure, the important thing is that the individual figure is diffuse.”

“I believe to death in communication, in consensus. If my role is not supported by the board, it does not make sense.”

“Within all the competitions we had, there are a lot of boys who had a lot of minutes. Galván made his debut at 18 years old. Segovia, Alcaraz, the goalkeepers also played … it’s very satisfying.”

“We lack games, one always looks for the ideal. It is not achieved from one day to the next. You do not press a button and the team appears.”

“It also created a feeling that every game we play badly and it’s not true.”

“You always have to go for more, evolution and prioritize everything possible.”

“I played 18 years in the First Division and learned to live with criticism. I was never afraid of that. On the contrary, I trust the little or much knowledge that I can contribute to the structure. You cannot keep the memory or the nostalgia” .

“At the time we received too much criticism and perhaps now too much praise. You must not believe either of the two points. You have to find the balance and keep working. In all places you can be a little better.”

“For those who do not understand what happened after the 0-5 against River, I would put Liverpool-Milan in the 2005 Champions League final. It is football. It is a sport that is full of imponderables.”

“The team was finding synergy in an impossible context to train. We all suffered from COVID: we had 24 infections in 4 months. It hurt us, but I never doubted the quality of the squad. It became a strong, cute, fun and super group. serious to work. I’m very happy with the squad. “

“It is a nice prize to have reached this stage and we need one more step.”

“It seems strange to me to have to play San Pablo again, but you have to play with whoever plays. You can question whether you play the same game, but when it comes down to it, you have to beat whoever gets ahead of you.”

Passing market: “You have to be very careful, we are competing. You have to be very respectful of footballers. This is not the time.”

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