Video: the unusual accident in the previous lap of the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix


This Sunday there was one of the most unusual accidents of MotoGP. In the previous round of Italian Grand Prix, the drivers were preparing to warm up their tires and especially the front brake discs, which are the ones that suffer the most throughout the race. The circuit of Mugello it has long straights and sharp braking, so many take advantage of this moment to warm up the devices.

One of the methods used to bring the brake discs to the right temperature is to brake sharply on the main straights. In this way, the brakes heat up and the tires get into competition rhythm. Johann zarco, with his Ducati pramac, is one of the best jobs in the previous laps of each race.

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However, this Sunday was not the best result for Zarco, as nothing near the end of the formation lap caused an accident with another competitor: Enea Bastianini. The Italian took the French rider ahead, who braked too hard, much more than usual. However, Bastianini assured that he was also responsible for an accident that left him out before starting the race.

“When I was about to get into position, I saw that the airbag was not working and I was not very focused. When he was playing it, Zarco braked very strangely just after the exit of the last corner. I couldn’t do anything and hit him hard. I tried to go as fast as possible for the second bike, but on the first lap I fell, ”Bastianini said after the race.

For his part, Zarco also spoke about what happened, but assured that fortunately there were no serious consequences. «Bastianini hit me. We all came out of that last corner, accelerating and braking to keep the tires warm and ready to go, and you can see what happened on TV. The important thing is that no one was injured. But I thought that my motorcycle was damaged and that it was going to ruin my career, ”said the one from Pramac.


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