What will happen? Logan Paul disrespected Conor McGregor and detonated the networks

Logan Paul.

The youtuber Logan paul keep intimidating the stars of UFC, so now he went even further. Your next goal would be Conor mcgregor, to whom he assures that he would liquidate without any problem. In a talk he had with Showtime Sports, the influencer was forceful against the former British champion, stating that he would not have a chance against his powerful fists.

Without mincing words, Paul He began by explaining the following about the hypothetical crossover: “Yeah, I mean, you can watch a lot of Mayweather videos. You can watch him fight Mcgregor and again. And watch him fight Tenshin. It’s Floyd Mayweather though. Your arsenal is almost limitless. So watch all the videos you want but I don’t really know what you are going to be able to make clear.

Days before the great battle: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul increase anxiety

But I will say that I am not impressed by the performance of Conor mcgregor. I really think if you put Conor McGregor in here right now, in a training session, he would defeat him. McGregor is an MMA fighter, okay, he gets hit easily. Dustin Poirier kicked him in the butt. June 6 is going to be a difficult night for Floyd, “said the youtuber.

Great future for Logan Paul

In a few days, Floyd Mayweather and Logan paul they will cross each other in the boxing ring. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most watched fights in history, considering the stakes for both of them. The young youtuber and American boxer is measured against the legend of always in this sport, who still maintains an undefeated 50-0. For this reason, the previous one is lived with a lot of anxiety.

On the other hand, Paul made it clear that he will enter the Octagon sometime: “Yes, absolutely. In fact, I think I would probably be better at MMA because of my wrestling experience. I will say that it is a tough sport. It is more difficult than boxing. MMA fighters are true 360 ​​degree fighters. I have had some knee problems on both knees and it is hard on the body.

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