Will Checo Pérez continue at Red Bull in 2022? «I doubt that we will start to negotiate»

Sergio Pérez

Czech Pérez came to the team Red bull at the end of 2020 to supplant Alex Albon, who had had a terrible season in terms of results. However, the beginning of 2021 de Pérez was not the best. The Mexican was expected to be able to reach the podium, but the results obtained so far were somewhat irregular. That is why some began to talk about the future of Pérez: «I doubt that we will start to negotiate«.

One of the bosses and advisor of the Austrian team, Helmut MarkoHe assured that they are happy with what Checo has shown so far. However, Marko assures that there are several aspects to improve in the face of what is coming, especially in qualifying. Saturdays are Pérez’s weak point. Red Bull wants to continue with this duo of drivers, with whom it leads the championship.

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Red Bull’s mentality is only one: win the championship from Mercedes. After seven consecutive titles for the German brand, the Austrians seem to have taken the step forward. So much Max verstappen, like Checo Pérez, had a total of 149 units, one more than Mercedes. That is why Marko does not want to talk about renewal for Pérez.


“We are going to start talking about it in summer at the earliest. I doubt that we will start negotiating with another driver or another team before we have reached an agreement with Sergio. Now we are focused on the World Championship and I don’t see any problems deciding who will be Max’s teammate next year, “said Marko, as confirmed by Soymotor.com.

However, Marko assured that he will expect better results from the Mexican in the next races. «Sergio is a very competitive driver and he still has a lot of time. You have to start with the positive and that is the race pace. He’s very good and sometimes he’s at Max’s rhythm, he already showed it in Monaco. It lacks performance in qualifying and we need to see some improvement in that regard, “he warned.

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