Álex Márquez gives worrying details about the state of his brother Marc: «He is suffering»

Marc Márquez

In the preview of Italian Grand Prix, Marc Márquez he had given details of his state of health, and had been very concerned about the possibility of dropping out. However, a fall in the second round made him abandon him, giving him a little air for the next weekend. Although he has some rest, his brother Alex Marquez stressed that the pilot of Repsol «Is suffering«.

At an event for the Estrella Galicia beer brand, which sponsors the Márquez brothers, the youngest of them spoke about his season and could not avoid the question that everyone is asking: about his brother Marc. LCR Honda He assured that his brother is not going through a good time and hopes that everything will improve in the coming weeks.

Marc Márquez’s scare at the Italian Grand Prix: “It wasn’t the best day for it to happen”

“He is suffering”

«He lacks a physical part, he has discomfort that prevents him from being one hundred percent. He is suffering, and the Honda is a very physical motorcycle and when you are not at one hundred percent and you cannot push as much as you could, problems come and everything becomes more difficult, “said Álex, who knows well what it is to suffer with the team bike Repsol. However, she still has high hopes that Marc will recover.

“But we will surely see Marc Márquez with the saves and that he did what he wanted with the bike as soon as he was well. You do not have to panic, you have to fix a physical thing and it will be the same as before. And for Honda it is a great help that he is there, although not one hundred percent, “the brother of the eight-time World Champion added to the press.


On the other hand, Marc spoke in the last hours and assured that he feels great pride to return to running on the track of Catalonia next weekend. “It is the circuit that is closest to my home and where I have been on the most occasions as a spectator watching World Championship races with my parents, so racing here is something that makes me feel very proud.”

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