Anthony Davis: Doctors will decide if I participate in Game 6

Anthony Davis: Doctors will decide if I participate in Game 6

LOS ANGELES – Anthony Davis, who missed the last game and a half of the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round series against the Phoenix Suns due to a groin strain, will have to wait for a decision from team doctors to see if he participates in Thursday’s game.

“Hopefully all the rehab and treatment I’m doing will pay off and the doctors give me clearance to play,” Davis said. “That’s what we want. So I’m going to get more treatment tonight, tomorrow and talk to the doctors before the game, before and after practice and I hope everything goes well and they give me the go-ahead.”

“That is what we are waiting for.”

Lakers want to avoid becoming the sixth defending champion in League history to be eliminated from the Playoffs in the first round.

Trailing 3-2 and after a demoralizing 115-85 loss in Game 5, Davis said it hurt to be offside from halftime in Game 4 because of a groin injury.

“It’s tough,” he said. “Especially [el martes] at night, watching the game and not being able to help the team on the field. It’s the hardest part, knowing that you couldn’t contribute. My body just wouldn’t allow it. “

Davis suffered a left knee injury (hyperextension) in Game 3 against the Suns, falling awkwardly after blocking a Devin Booker shot from goal. Davis said playing with the still sensitive knee in Game 4 led to a groin injury.

“The groin thing happened because of the strain on the knee from hyperextension,” he said. “I felt my knee throughout the game. Even the first two plays, it felt bad. And I just went up to try to place the ball, and as soon as I came up, I felt the groin injury from my knee. That was the end of it all. “.

Davis tested how he felt on the court in Phoenix on Tuesday, about two hours before kickoff, but the injury was still too bad to play.

“I couldn’t really move,” Davis said. “And every move I make starts with the groin. Any other injury, the knee and all that, you can find a way to move, but the groin is a difficult place. So I just couldn’t do it.”

Davis, who averaged 34 points and 10.5 rebounds in the Lakers’ two victories. On the show, he said “he’s getting better every day.” He explained why he showed six fingers while sitting on the bench in Game 5.

“There is still a Game 6,” he said. “You don’t win with three wins. We still have one game tomorrow, which is Game 6. Whether we win by 30 or lose by 30, there is still another game.

“And in the same way for tomorrow: you win tomorrow and there is a Game 7. You don’t win three games in a playoff series and you win a series.”

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said he brought the team together Wednesday for a “constructive video session” and remained optimistic that the seventh-seeded Lakers could extend the series to a Game 7 against the second-seeded Suns. .

“Everybody knows the way we play is unacceptable. But, you know, every now and then it happens. You have to put it behind you,” Vogel said. “We lose by one, we lose by 50, it doesn’t matter. You lost a playoff game. And now it’s our job to protect our home court, take care of Game 6 and give ourselves a chance to win the series. So that’s where the head is. of all “.

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