Back: Diego Sánchez apologized for all the controversies with the UFC

Diego Sánchez.

The historic fighter from UFC, Diego Sanchez, went out to the crossing in these hours with clear words. The aforementioned analyzes what happened in the company, after what was his unexpected departure. A last-minute injury led to the battle with Donald Cerrone being canceled and everything took a nosedive. In that sense, he expressed himself on social networks, targeting his fans and followers.

The message of Sanchez On Instagram it started like this: «For all my family, friends, fans and the MMA community. Thank you all for your continued love and support during this challenging time in my life. I appreciate all the advocacy that came up for me on behalf of my career, myself, and everyone who was involved. Thanks to those who have been sensitive to this situation.

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“I apologize to everyone who was negatively affected. I will refrain from provoking this situation further. I refuse to respond to the accusations that were made with the intention of provoking me and my loved ones. Once again, my faith has taught me to love your neighbor and your enemy. I wish for peace to emerge in the future. Luke 6: 27-36 ”, he also explained.


In conclusion, Diego He expressed the following about it: “I will lift Josh and Rebecca up in prayer. Prayers for God to help you find your peaceful conscience. In Christ. Diego Sánchez ». In that way, the historic fighter of UFC He tried to calm the waters, after many exchanges of words that have left many controversies for the fans and leaders of the company.

«This is Diego, I’m back! I have to be honest with my fans, I have nothing to do with Diego Sanchez @onlyfans that was all Joshua Fabia and Rebbeca Hidalgo his assistant. So, please, do not entertain the illusion and I am sorry if some loyal fans thought they were talking to me in the DM “, Diego Sánchez later wrote on Twitter, adding to his previous words.

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