Chile 7s, with everything ready to go to Monaco for the dream of the Olympic Games

Chile 7s, with everything ready to go to Monaco for the dream of the Olympic Games

Chile 7s will be the only men’s team of South America in playing in Monaco, his coach Edmundo Olfos spoke with World Rugby and told how they prepare for that commitment.

Despite the ravages of COVID-19 in South America as a region, the Chilean rugby team has been able to carry out a more than adequate preparation for his second trip to Monaco in search of the Olympic dream.

As in 2016 when Spain gave the big surprise and won the ticket to Rio, Edmundo Olfos will be the head coach of the team and Felipe Brangier will be a key figure. In fact, they are the only two who will return to the principality of that group.

“In 2016 we were in the quarterfinals, it was not a good tournament for us,” I recall Olfos. “We went through the tournament in Rome the weekend before and it was not a good strategy. The long stay affected us, the group did not do well. And we were not coming at a peak of performance. “

His team peaked in early 2019 despite not having a good pre-Olympic tournament. “We didn’t know how to handle the challenge of the weather,” Olfos recalls of a tournament played in Santiago in horrible cold and rainy weather. Argentina got a ticket to Tokyo while Brazil and Chile qualified for Monaco.

Brazil gave up playing in Monaco due to the problems associated with the pandemic, leaving Chile as the only male team, along with Argentina and Colombia in women as South American representatives.

Chile hopes to reach a good level. Activity naturally slowed to a halt at the start of the pandemic, but then gradually they were able to arm themselves with rising youth and a group of experienced leaders.

On the rivals, Olfos added: “France first, Hong Kong second – these are two very tough games. We are going to bet to surprise. In Dubai, the French had a very good team, with many young people and they scored 40 points for us. It will be a very important game from the mental point of view. Hong Kong is always a very professional team, with good players and staff. They are always competitive, very much like us. But we don’t know how they were prepared. “

“Not achieving the goal in Monaco will not be a failure. It is a young team that will aim for RWC 7s and obtain a medal in Santiago 2023, ”Olfos closed, knowing that with players between 21 and 23, the future is very positive.

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