Hanna Gabriels vs. Claressa Shields: “You’ll regret not fighting with me”

Claressa Shields.

The passage of Claressa shields to PFL has angered many female boxers, especially Hanna gabriels. The latter spoke on the podcast ‘Boxeo a la Carrera’, making it clear that the now mixed martial artist «he will regret not having fighter with me«. Her foray into MMA thrills fans, but left many female boxers looking to beat her hungry.

Therefore, being blunt with his words, Gabriels He said: «They almost managed to make me invisible, but the day before their fight I took out a statement in which I explained everything and reflected that I was not upset with the organization or with her team. I was going to seek my own goals and I knew they would feel me breathing on the back of their neck. They will regret not fighting with me when they could.

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«He came from an injury and not fighting in two years. With what we are going to do now and the experience that he has acquired … the day we meet will be in equal conditions (they fought in 2018 at Middleweight. We want to dominate all categories from 175 pounds down and at some point make one of those historical fights that everyone wants, “he summarized.

She was upset

For its part, Hanna He stated: «And when we do it, it will be under the same conditions. I have three years of boxing left (he’s 38) and I’m going to take advantage of them. I did not expect to be that good at 175 pounds. In these two years standing we have worked many aspects with my coach Bryan Vasquez. He has been working with me for four years and the improvement has been great ».

«But three years ago before Shields I couldn’t show everything I have now. Before Gaytan we had several objectives and we fulfilled them. Several names have come up, I need to know who will fight me. I don’t want to let things get cold. Surely many want to fight me because as I come from minor divisions they think that I have no tolerance for blows. They are wrong “, closed the world champion, Hanna gabriels.

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