He broke the silence: Tyron Woodley says he will break Jake Paul’s jaw

Tyron Woodley.

Tyron woodley will debut in the boxing ring against youtuber Jake paul, bursting the networks. The former champion of UFC He left an interesting Instagram Live session a few hours ago, where he spoke precisely about what will come for him. Of course, the news travels the world, considering that it will collide with whoever knocked out Ben Askren in less than two minutes.

Initially, Woodley He highlighted: «Surprise, surprise, surprise, we will do it again on August 28. You could visualize Jake Paul getting hit with the head off his neck. Sometimes it convinces you of a situation that you cannot back out of. My mom used to say, ‘Your mouth wrote a check that your ass can’t cash.’ That’s exactly what happened”.

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“All the chasing influence, all the yelling, all the blah blah blah, ‘I’m a fighter, all the MMA guys never want to fight me.’ Now you’ve got a son of a bitch who’s going to fight you like he’s never fought you before. There ain’t no combat you can do to a motherfucker, get ready for it. It is not any meditation, “said the formerUFC.

Is confident

What’s more, Tyron He explained, “There is no kum ba yah. There is no mama se mama sa mama coosa. It’s not shit you can do. You’re taking a beating. I am excited about it. We’re going to break some records, and I’m going to break a fucking jaw while I’m at it. Get ready to make a fucking story. Breaking records. I always wanted to box all my life, I never did.

I always wanted to box. I have wanted to do this for a long time. It’s crazy how things happen. I started doing MMA in 2005 because I was too old to box. I was 23 years old and had come out of college wrestling, so I did MMA. I’m like a shit, I can fight and hit, “he completed. Tyron woodley. As expected, his fans expect him to knock out Jake paul.

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