“He does everything wrong”: De La Hoya lashes out at Canelo’s boxing


Oscar de la hoya strongly criticized in networks Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, and said that he does absolutely everything wrong in the ring.

Perhaps because of the known short circuits, From the pot denounced Alvarez, after watching a video in Instagram in which the champion gives directions to the boxer boy, Dylan capetillo. It was there, in the comments section of the video, where From the pot was downloaded.

“Please, this guy (Canelo) does everything wrong ”, commented the Mexican American in the publication of Supreme Boxing, in which the Canelo next to Capetillo. “He keeps his head up when he pulls the hooks. Plant your heels, with your feet flat. What else? Ah yes, avoid Charlo

De la Hoya harshly criticized Canelo
De la Hoya harshly criticized Canelo

In days gone by, the Canelo had also criticized From the pot, whom he accused of doing nothing in Golden Boy Promotions.

“I don’t like talking about people a lot, but I’ve always been a very loyal person. I always was with Golden boy“, Expressed the Canelo. “He (From the pot) It is not Golden boy. He does nothing in Golden boy. He is worrying about drinking and riding other things. “

Jermell Charlo’s response to the sayings between De La Hoya and el Canelo

In the face of criticism from Oscar de la hoya to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, It was Jermell charlo who had something to say in Twitter.

“I do not know if Oscar de la hoya Whether he is lying or not, but in 2014, he promised me that I or Gabriel Rosado, the winner, would face the Canelo. I won, but he ended up fighting with Kirkland. From the pot got sick again. How do you attack your compatriot? Long live Mexico! ”He tweeted Jermell charlo.

De La Hoya admitted that the break with Álvarez hurt his feelings

Oscar de la hoya He said that his legal break with Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez it hurt his feelings, because he had developed a personal attachment to the fighter.

“You will never want to part this way. It literally hurt my feelings, “he said. From the pot in statements for Dan rafael from Boxing Scene. “I remember that (the president of Top rank and former promoter of From the pot) Bob arum He once said to me when I was younger, ‘Never, never make it personal with any boxer. Never make it personal. Obviously you know from experience. So I finally know what he’s talking about. “

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